Handmade Art Prints
Handmade Art Prints

               Limited edition Tarot-themed art prints, just in time for Halloween. With enough support, I plan to launch an art brand producing handmade prints. The handmade production means no two prints are alike, each piece is unique. Choose your favourite, collect the individual series of four, or some of the combinations of designs. Your patronage will allow me to acquire the materials to develop my work much further.


About Me:

               I’ve been drawing my whole life, in the margins and all available art classes and lessons. When I graduated high school, my portfolio got me accepted into many schools and I studied at Emily Carr University of Art and Design (Vancouver) and ACAD (Calgary). Tendonitis and poor doctor advice left my right (dominant) hand unusable for years and it took over a year of physio (paid out of pocket) to strength my wrist back to function. I can now type, write notes, and draw again, with very little pain.

This process has taken 3 years, and put all attempts at studying and pursuing a career on hold.

In the meantime, I’ve taking classes in a different field and helping my boyfriend slowly acquire enough tools to start his woodworking business. His current job is dead-end and so physically demanding that he receives occasional injuries, and I wanted to help him do something he loved. A few months ago, he’d finally got the last and most expensive tool he needed to start working. The very same night, our garage was broken into and everything, all the tools he owned that were worth anything were stolen. We didn’t have photos or receipts, as he’d owned them for years or bought them through kijiji, so insurance couldn’t cover any of the loss.

To cover bills, I’ve looked endlessly for a minimum wage job, but with no luck. I’ve invested what I have left for printmaking supplies and hope to create a successful business with my art.  




               Limited edition tarot-themed art prints. Drawn, carved, and individually pressed by hand, each print has slight imperfections and details that make each piece different and unique. These 4 designs are inspired by the 4 suits of tarot minor arcana: wands, cups, swords, and pentacles.


Wands/ Hand of Glory

Element: Fire      Zodiacs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius    Rules the: Spirit                Card suit: clubs

The Hand of Glory was the pickled and preserved hand of a murderer. Each finger is tipped with a wick. When lighted, it rendered everyone near it’s proximity to fall unconscious, making it valuable for thieves. Can only be extinguished with milk.


Element: Air       Zodiacs: Aquarius, Gemini, Libra                Rules the: Mind               Card suit: Spades


                              Element: Water                Zodiacs: Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio                 Rules the: Heart                       Card suit: Hearts




                              Element: Earth                  Zodiacs: Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo              Rules: Wealth                                                            Car suit: Diamonds


Aces      - Prints with a single design.

Root, seed, possibility, initial spark, great potential.

Twos     - Prints with two designs.

Combinations, merging, partnership, decision, opposites.

Threes   - Prints with three designs.

Development, advancement, progression, expansion.


Early bird perk:


Small flourishes can be hand drawn onto the print, such as lighting the wicks, drool from the mouth and branches, liquid filling/pouring out of the cup, or drops of blood from the sword. Due to volume/labour demands, I will limit this to the first 200 prints.

Custom colour

Print can be make in a colour of ink besides black. Currently available is yellow, orange, red, blue, green, and purple. This will be limited to the first 300 prints.



My outcome is to launch an etsy art business and acquire the funds to purchase more materials. Materials are very expensive and initial cost holds me back from expanding and developing new art ideas. If successful, I will purchase the following materials for more long-term art projects, as well as the paper and ink necessary to supply the campaign. My project involves a lot of the work done myself, but I want to use materials that aren’t found in corner store florists or grocery stores and shipped from across the world. This means growing my own plants and sustaining them even through winter.

Paper and Ink to supply campaign            $800


Gold and Silver leaf, metal leaf adhesive, rubber carving mats, epoxy resin and catalyst, silicone molds, small greenhouse, grow lights, irrigation system, soil, rock substrate, seeds, planters, silicone mold kit, jewelry findings, fine chain, bolt hardware.        $4000+


If the goal is met, any additional income will go towards higher quality materials, basic survival, and replacing the tools that were stolen.

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