Handcrafted "Talon" Knife/ Blade For Everyday Carry (EDC)

This project has already launched.

  • Each blade is HAND CRAFTED from a piece of high quality 440c steel (HRC 60). So each knife is unique. 
  • Each blade is made by 1 master so quality always stays top notch (mid-tech/ small scale manufacturing)   
  • Blade has re-curved shape that allows better cutting due too longer cutting edge. Smaller tip angle allows easy deep cutting penetration.
  • "Talon" has jmping for precise knife control and best grip
  • Steel is hardened by one of the best thermal engineers. He developed his own state of art steel hardening technology. Each knife is being carefully hardened one by one. This means that the "Talon" will be extremely sharp and durable. 
  • Each knife is hardened with deep cooling method using LIQUID NITROGEN. Each knife is being carefully hardened one by one. 
  • It's also really light to carry everyday in a custom made sheath from Kydex.
Note : actual item might have slight differences form the pictures such as engraving, chamfers, etc. Also since the item is made by hand dimensions can slightly vary.
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