It's Halloween and you are out to scare some humans, with several ghosts at your disposal. But beware, the other players can control those same ghosts. This will be the first game including miniatures in the catalog of Quined Games. Number 20 in the Masterprint series, for 2-4 players, a game takes about 50 - 90 minutes. 

The main aspect of the game are the 42 cards that will give you special abilities each game. Of these 42 cards you'll use eight each game. The functions of the cards are mixed every time you play, this will bring endless combinations of special abilities and end-game scoring mechanics to the game of Halloween.


An excerpt from the rules:

During each player’s turn, that player will perform three of the actions available on their player board. Each player can activate any ghost on the main board, provided that its requirements are met. Players can also, at any time, occupy one or more action cards. These greatly enhance players’ options in the game.

The game proceeds clockwise from the first player until the end of the game is triggered; this will happen when a player has com-pletely run out of haunt tokens or if they occupy five action cards. A final scoring then happens, and the player with the most Haunting Points (HP) wins.Play carefully! You may earn more points if you wait to spend your haunt tokens, but you may also lose your chance to play them!

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