Hair Affairs – A Tool for Whimsical Minds
Hair Affairs – A Tool for Whimsical Minds

This project has already launched.

As you can probably tell from the pictures already: this is for quizzical minds with a mischievous sense of humour, charm, whimsy and wit, for the happily obsessed and the behavioural explorers.

You are invited to pledge on a series of brushes with artificial human hair that you may actually use or that add exhilaration and playfulness to any room when utilised as a wall decor element.

As a statement against any impoverished views of what it means to be human, the tools celebrate absurdity and the complexity of our emotional needs. They intelligently humour their owners while promoting generosity towards people’s quirks, follies and cravings. Because ultimately people – like these brushes – are rather strange.

So, yes, feel free to laugh at yourself, embrace your eccentric side and enjoy a peculiar relationship with hair.

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