Habitify is a habit tracking app for iPhone and Mac, focuses on getting motivated for you. The app encourages you timely by supportive notifications, recognizes your effort with evaluating-system and rewards you by cool badges. 


Main features:

- Multi-habit tracking

- Multi-device syncing (iPhone and Mac)

- Suggested habits

- Customized reminder for each habit

- Accumulated points reward system

- Motivated notification and badges

- Precise stat and report

- Today widget


Especially, the more streaks you get, the more points you earn. Habitify will convert your points into cash and donate to charity organization. With Habitify, forming habits for better you and better world.


We will release this app in July. Check our page now and register to get early access!


Website: https://habitify.co/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Habitifyapp


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