HabBet - track & bet on your success habits
HabBet - track & bet on your success habits

This project has already launched.

We all know how difficult it is to achieve goals and make useful habits our second nature. HabBet was created specifically to help you build good habits and be motivated on the way to success. 

But it's not yet another habit tracker. This app provides you with additional motivators - money bets and social promises - the two most powerful triggers. We call it CHALLENGING MOTIVATION. There are the 2 strongest motivators that just won't allow you to give up!

This principle is based on human psychology. It says that fear is one of the strongest motivators. Thus, we've decided to provide you with fear... fear of losing money or social reputation. Just imagine: you have a goal which takes a great willpower to achieve, and the closer you get to it the greater the desire to give up is - sounds familiar, doesn't it? Thus, we created the circumstances in which you will definitely make progress in building good habits and achieve your goals.

1. Money Bet

No one likes to lose their money. Why not use it as a motivation force? Make a bet and if you fail completing a set goal, you will lose your money. When the goal is successfully completed, money stays at your personal account within the application. 

2. Pledge - a promise via social networks

What can be scarier than losing your face in social networks these days, when even your pets have accounts there? Right, it is quite unpleasant. Therefore, if you're brave enough or need a strong emotional trigger to help you to achieve your goal, use HabBet to make a promise via social networks. Regardless of your success or fail, the app will post your results to your personal account.

Basic features:

1. Convenient notifications (plan for a day, daily results, planned habit)
2. Daily tasks planner
3. Possibility to make money bets
4. Social sharing

Pro features:

1. Integration with Apple Watch
2. Unlimited list of habits
3. No advertising
4. Ability to save personalized data on server
5. Cross-platform synchronization.

Form good habits, build strong self motivation, track your progress, set goals and achieve them with HabBet app!

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