Gyanworx Enterprise Management Suite
Gyanworx Enterprise Management Suite

Gyanworx Enterprise MAnagement Suite

Two essential tools for starting and running a business sucessfully:

  • Jasmine Idea4Business
    • Evaluate and compare business ideas on basis of
      • Need for product/service
      • Target Customer Profile
      • Industr Profile
      • Competition Profile
    • Define a Minimum Viable Project (MVP)
    • Conduct a Cost-Profit Analysis to
      • Estimate Break Even Point (BEP)
      • Working capiral requirement
      • Total CApital Requirement
    • Prepare a Cash-Flow projection
  • AfterSWOT
    • Idenitfy an objective
    • Assing responsibilty
    • Conduct a SWOT analysis
    • Idenitfy strategies based on the SWOT analysis
    • Prepara an Action plan by adding up strategies
    • Identify deliverables
    • Estimate Time and Budget
    • TRack Progress
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