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GulfWarVet Music

I am trying to find some investors or helpers to fund my New Double Disc Cd . I don't have a band so i have to buy my music premade from They can range from $175-$275 a song. Plus each one will have voice sweetening, and rental on the Recording studio. Also i will be making CDs to sell as well as digital ones on ITunes , Amazom MP3 , and Tunecore. My music is talented because I have only had my music online since April and it has already been heard in 49 states, 34 countries, and all across the world to Canada and the UK. Two of my songs also already are licensed 4 times and 4 more pending. One is also a possible movie track. If anyone or business is interested I can make sure your name is on all my music if you help me fund this deal.


To hear my music please check out this link.


Here is my website address


I am working on trying to spread the word of  non violence by spreading it through my music. Every day when you wake up is nothing but bad news as in " Shots Fired " and of course someone dies. Or you hear something Political that causes protests and more violence.I mean all i can ask is "What's The World Coming To " ? I have tried going through the TV Stations but you are not important until you are a statistic. So everything I do is all on my own.

I have more songs that i am working on as in "America Will Prevail" and " What's Been Going On" and "The Mission".


Don't get me wrong i am not 100% all about violence. I have upbeat country rock songs waiting to be made such as " Tractor Party ", "My Buddy My Friend My Pal(song about my dog),and also love songs like "My Angel" and " Life Must Go On ", and "Heartbeat". Just a few of my over 40 songs i have written since i was a teenager.


All i need is someone to help me get this completed so i can get my music put out on a complete cd and maybe even 2 double disc sets. I appreciate all the help i can get because i am a disabled vet and my income is fixed so i can't afford to do anything. I can barely get buy month to month.


Well thank you for reading my Project and I look forward to hearing from you soon..


Donald Miclette


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