GroupUp The worlds best social travel app
GroupUp The worlds best social travel app

An app connecting like minded travelers by allowing them to network with others going to the same destination.

GroupUp is an app concept that originally came to me after a weekend in Vegas. We had a group of guys going out and I thought man it would have been nice to pair up with another group of guys/girls to make the weekend more exciting. There are so many social media apps but none that do a good  job of connecting like minded travelers. GroupUp would allow you to pre-plan activities months in advance, get better deals on excursions, and most importantly meet new people! Just imagine you and five of your best friends are heading on vacation to Mexico, you're all super excited about partying but also a little nervous about traveling outside the United States. You hop on GroupUp create a basic profile and cruise the posts looking for other similar groups heading to Mexico the same weekend or perhaps you create your own post inviting other groups to join in on the fun. Not into the party scene? problem GroupUp will be all ages friendly and is perfect for that couple not looking for the bar scene but would enjoy the company of another couple to go sight seeing with. In 2015 over 73 MILLION Americans traveled, in 2016 that number will be even larger. This App has the potential to be so big and relatively fast as it is such a simple design and will be completely user friendly. The money raised on Kickstarter will go directly to research and development. Our plan is to have our first edition of the app launch January of 2017! I have the vision, with your help I can begin to grow that vision by hiring a development team to deal with the technical aspects of creating an app. No amount of money is too small.....if you see our campaign and think to yourself....hmm I think I would actually use this or I know someone who could benefit from this than I ask you to contribute even if its $1 every amount helps and if you cannot contribute please share with others. 

For me personally I find much more value in contributing to smaller scale startups such as my own rather than donating to already established companies who are simply trying to scale to another level. When you contribute to GroupUp you will be helping change the future of how people travel all across America and eventually the world.

For future updates you can follow us on this page and more long term on our Facebook page titled GroupUp. Thank you for taking the time to read our story and hopefully you are able to contribute and/or share our campaign to help us reach our goal!


About me: I was born and raised in Central Illinois. I graduated from East Peoria High School in 2004 and attended a local community college for a bit before I ventured out into the job market. I've worked in sales, insurance, and retail for over ten years. I'm a member of a Peoria based Entrepreneur program and I absolutely love to develop new ideas that could help connect people.


Twitter: @JonathanAlanAct



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