Groot Watch - 100% Bone crafted watch
Groot Watch - 100% Bone crafted watch


Inspired by the art of bone crafts and the passion of bonecraftsmen in turning cow bone waste into valuable goods, Groot was born to enliven the dream of being different, friendly, and empowering. It's distinct and handcrafted design not only make Groot watches different from other watch brands, but also from one another. Its materials are friendly to the environment and to the preservation of our heritage. And, its existence empowers those who wear them and those who put forward details in life.


Groot Watch was established with philosophical basis represented in its name. Groot stands for Global and Root. This means that we expect the product to be able to go global while preserving Indonesian culture as its root. In producing quality watch products that value local wisdom, we follow the following basic principles of ours:

  • Unique material and design
  • High-quality Solid Bone materials 
  • Environmental-friendly
  • 2 color variations for any occasion 
  • Scratch and impact resistance crystal glass 
  • Water resistance 
  • Affordable



    • Case diameter: 35 mm
    • Case thickness: 12 mm
    • Band material: Solid Bone
    • Max/min band length: 250 mm/ 150 mm   
    • Band width: 25 mm
    • Total weight: 40 grams
    • Case material: Well-processed bone material 
    • Back lid: Well-processed bone material 
    • Enclosure of back lid: 4 screws 
    • Dial window: Sapphire crystal glass 
    • Movement: 2 Hand Miyota Quartz 
    • Glow in the dark elements: Yes
    • Water resistant: Yes
    • Battery: Sony SR621SW


During our designing process, we strived to come up with a ravishing case design that we will bring to life 100% hand-crafted. This makes our product cannot be 100% the same between one another, especially considering our materials that are more challenging to process compared to other common materials. Every watch has its own curve because we believe that imperfections make perfect.

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