The name KANKA means “barbecue” in Mapudungun, which is the native language of Patagonia. Based on the slow-rotating open fire cooking methods of South America, KANKA will change the way you think about a portable summer grill.

Rotating a hunk of meat (or fish) over an open fire is perhaps one of the best ways to cook such foods; the Kanka Grill provides a modernized version of such spit grills in order to appeal to more people. Although a sort of religion in the South American regions such as Patagonia, the rest of the world is only now starting to embrace such a tasty technique. The Kanka Grill makes the transition easier.

Incredibly portable and versatile, the Kanka Grill is a rotisserie system that boasts a battery-powered geared motor that takes most of the challenge out of such cooking practices. Convenient to set up, the Kanka Grill uses only one pole and can incorporate accessories on its skewers to properly cook other food items.

It may be time to finally say goodbye to that rusty ol’ camping grill. Take your barbecue game to the next level with KANKA.

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