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GRENGINE - An evolution in portable power

Zero Noise. Zero Fumes. Zero Grid Reliance. The GRENGINE™ is the new way to generate power.

Rethink the generator with the GRENGINE™ 1000. This completely silent and emission free power center is simple to use and ultra lightweight, weighing in at only 24 lbs. Its lithium battery pack can produce up to 1200 Watt hours of power and the built in 1000 Watt inverter will power a wide variety of tools and toys. Charge it from your wall, your car, or from the sun and then take it where you need it. Camping? Construction? Home backup? The GRENGINE™ has you covered.

What is the GRENGINE™?

Meet the GRENGINE™, the little engine that can. Here at Growing Greener Innovations, we look to change the world of portable energy with this silent and emission-free solar generator; the only system in the world capable of replacing the standard gasoline operated generators, which are poisoning the world with millions of tons of Greenhouse Gases and Carbon Monoxide every year.

The GRENGINE’s patent pending system uses stackable and interchangeable batteries to deliver a knockout punch to the gasoline generator. The formula that has made gas generators the long-standing winner in industrial use, has been the ease of topping up fuel, compared with waiting for batteries to recharge.  Until now. With the GRENGINE™ you can switch batteries even easier than refilling a gas tank.

Where Can You GRENGINE™?

Take power where you need it.  The GRENGINE™ is totally silent and fume free, so use it when and where you want to.  Need emergency backup?  Going camping?  Need power for a trade show presentation?  Because it produces no noise and no fumes, the GRENGINE™ is both safe to use indoors and its use will not be restricted on any outdoor adventure.

What Can You Power With the GRENGINE™?

The GRENGINE™ 1000 is perfect to run or charge a variety of tools or toys.  From cellphones to refrigerators and everything in between, the GRENGINE™ will keep you going no matter where you are.

The Impact

Effective changes are made gradually. Viable and significant improvement takes time, so our mission is to take meaningful steps toward a more sustainable future. We develop and support environmentally conscious technology, with the objective of continually making our planet greener.

The GRENGINE™ is constructed to last more than 2000 cycles.  It is also compartmentalized, allowing us to recycle only the battery when it does see the end of its life, as opposed to trashing the whole unit.  We’ve designed it to be easy to use so that widespread adoption is inevitable; with widespread adoption comes lasting environmental impact.  We can remove millions of tons of greenhouse gases with the GRENGINE™! 

What Makes It Unique?

Our interchangeable and stackable battery system has changed the game for portable power solutions. Because you can buy and stack as many batteries as you need, you'll always be powered with GRENGINE™.  Charge your backup battery from a wall outlet or a solar panel while you use your GRENGINE™ or stack them up for more watt hours.  Because it is component based, you can recycle only the battery, as opposed to having to replace the whole unit.  We've designed the system for ease of use; simply clip your battery in and go! 

Why GRENGINE™  1000 vs. Solar Generator Competition? 

•Only generator in its class with expandable battery technology for longer usage 

•More cost efficient: 80% less expensive than industry leader when calculated by cost per use 

•Easier to carry: Approximately 1/4 the weight of industry leader 

•Longer Life: Life cycle 5x greater than your industry leader 

•Can use at subzero temperatures, where as industry leader will shut down near freezing 

•Actual watt hours: Industry leader will shut off well before full battery discharge to avoid damage. 

•No maintenance required:  Must frequently recharge industry leading generator, not required with GRENGINE™ 


Why GRENGINE™ 1000 vs. Small Gas Generator? 

•More user friendly – no fuel needed, easy to carry and simple operation 

•No maintenance required 

•Completely safe to use and can be used inside – no harmful emissions. 

•Reduced frequency of theft due to inside use and storage 

•Run anywhere at anytime of day or night 

•Versatile! When not used for camping it is easily used for home backup, or construction, or recreation…… 


What is your return policy on the GRENGINE™?

We provide a 30 day money back guarantee on products that are undamaged and in the original packaging.We also provided a refund or exchange on any defective products.

What is the warranty on the GRENGINE™?

We provide a one year limited warranty.

What is the expected lifespan of the GRENGINE™?

2000+ Cycles​

Can I use the GRENGINE™ while it's charging?

Yes.  The GRENGINE™ is capable of outputting power while it is being charged.

How long does it take to charge?

When using AC power to charge, the GRENGINE™ will charge in about 6.5 hours.  If using DC power (48W), it’ll take approximately 22 hours to charge.  In optimal conditions, charging it by solar will take about 10 hours.

How long will the GRENGINE™ hold its charge when not in use?

We recommend charging your GRENGINE™ every 3 months if not in use​.

What type of inverter does the GRENGINE™ have?

The GRENGINE™ has a 1000 Watt pure sine wave inverter.

​Is the battery replaceable?

Yes.  The interchangeable and stackable battery system allows you to simply replace your battery if it has exceeded its lifespan.  Simply remove the dead battery for recycling, and purchase a new one, while keeping your original GRENGINE™.

Can I daisy-chain the GRENGINE™?

No need!  The stackable battery system allows you to just stack on as many batteries as you need.  Your GRENGINE™ comes with one battery pack and individual batteries can be purchased separately.

How much does it weigh?

The GRENGINE™ 1000 (with one battery) weighs only 24 pounds.  Each additional battery pack weighs approximately 12 pounds.


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