Greening Deserts Camps
Greening Deserts Camps

This project has already launched.

Greening Deserts is a sustainable project for greening, irrigation and forestation of dry areas or regions. To accelerate the process professional greenhouses will be installed. Using clean technologies like irrigation with natural water sources (seas and oceans) and renewable energy supply with solar and water energy.

The project is manly to restore and reclaim land or topsoil in the first 3 years, build goves, parks and small woods. Parallel doing science, study with own test greenhouse and test fields new plants, irrigation and cultivation techniques.

At the end we all have a lot of parks, usable land for gardening, agriculture or just living. There are great opportunities and possibilities for greening deserts or dry areas near coasts, rivers or lakes. The project will do a kind of acupuncture and help the nature to restore and expand in the region where our greening spots are. It is an epochal and important future project for us and the next generations. The project team thinks in the long term.


Greening Deserts and connected projects want to produce topsoil, cultivate plants for food, plant trees, build parks and woods for a better environment.

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