Green Ocean Challenge
Green Ocean Challenge

This project has already launched.

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Welcome Aboard!

Green Ocean Challenge is an environmental project ran by five curious children and two pears of parents (deck hands) traveling to 26 countries in 26 months onboard a fully electric sailing vessel.

But this is not just a trip to explore the world, Green Ocean Challenge is a trip to save the world through awareness, connection and understanding.

  • We will help spread awareness about a problem we believe to be wide spread.

  • We will spread our message through connection with schools, children and educators.

  • We will have a greater understanding of the problem because our vessel will be equipped with sensors.

Did you know that more than 1 million species have become extinct due to disappearing habitats, ecosystems acidic oceans all caused due to global warming?

Did you know that the carbon dioxide levels in the 20th century have been highest in 650,000 years. Till 1950, the levels rose by 11% and recently the levels have risen by 40%?

Did you know human activities release around 37 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide per year?

Yes this is all true and the tough fact is this is just what we know, there is still a lot out there we don’t know yet.

So we think it is time to check it out and spread the message.

We are getting ready for change, are you?

We are starting the change to awareness and we want YOU to join us.

In a short amount of time my team and I will be embarking on a journey around the world with a mission to stop, teach, learn and move.

So let’s start filling in the gaps, I know, you probably think we are kidding, a vessel with 5 kids and a couple of deck hands (parents) changing the world as we know it...

But we are just the catalyst for this change and we cannot do it without your help.

So here are the details. After this, all we need is you to join our team. As part of our team you will get updates, videos and gear. We want you to feel like you are on this journey with us.

There are six major components to making this work:

The Children

This is a unique project solely because it has been led by children but we believe this is the exact reason it will be successful. It has a curious yet proactive measure to it and we believe this is only a balance a child can have. Plus, the children are our future, we are investing in our future through this project, and you can too.

Our Anchor

We need to build our support team through this campaign. We will use your energy and passion to help this movement.

To be able to see this project come alive and can set sail to distant shores and beyond to teach and solely live of the green energy stored onboard, supporters are needed I different ways.

  • Your help through this campaign by individuals and small to medium size businesses.

  • Sponsorships from both private and govt. bodies

  • Sales of commercial on air time as well as vessel commercial space.

  • Sponsorships thru personal and vessel equipment.

The Vessel

Green Ocean Challenge is an environmental project ran mainly by children. 5 children circumnavigating the world by sailing a fully electrified catamaran, with their parents only as deckhands. The catamaran has two electric engines driven by a powerbank that are being fueled on solar-energy, captured wind-energy and captured tow- energy. The battery storage shows the team, the once they meet and the once that follow our website, blogs and vlogs that the paradigm shift has come and the need to think differently for the future generations to come is now.

The Ports

The location is set to be 26 countries in 26 months onboard a fully electric sailing vessel.

Along the route the team will arrange meetings with schools, where the children educate other children about green energy, possibilities and hands out Green Ocean Challenge construction kits that can collect and run on green energy.

When in port, the team opens the boat to the public for them to visit and explore the technology that we are using onboard. The team will present short information videos projected on the main sail about green energy, battery storage and the technology available as well as commercials from partners of the project.

Officials from both governmental bodies as well as the private sector will be invited over for a visit and introduction by the children.

The Presentations at Schools Along Our Route

Can a fully charged phone draw power from an outlet?

What uses more hot water: a shower or a bath?

How does electricity get to your home?

Children have loads of questions concerning energy and our team of young pioneers are here with answers. They teach students of all ages how energy works, where it comes from, how to conserve it and how to stay safe around it. They also help others to make meaningful connections between the activities they do every day, the energy they use and how it impacts their world.

Each presentation includes:

  • An activity book – a colorful twelve-page resource book about renewable and nonrenewable energy, sustainability, future energy trends...

  • Solar driven wooden toys – construction kits made of wood that are solar driven by the included solar panel.

Free kits -- for their classes and our presentation-visit. Teachers at destinations that we don ́t visit can still order the kits and our video presentation for a small fee.

Another part of our presentation part is the OPEN BOAT part we will have when in port in the evenings, to present the green energy solution we have onboard as well as we will (when weather allows us to) project a green energy presentation video without sound on our main sail.

The Film and Findings

The vessel will also be equipped with sensors that are collecting data from the sea daily to harvest information about the state of the water in the different areas and possible changes in algae growth and more. ON this we are working closely with highly reputed and recommended Norwegian scientists.

En-route as well as prior to after the project there will be articles, videos, tv-shows and more available. This is important as we not only want to educate those we meet along the way, but also help schools and other institutions in their work to change the view on the climatic changes we are facing today and tomorrow if nothing gets done. To produce the literature and videos we have teamed up with a publishing house as well as a famous and award winning film company. All intrigued by being asked to back this amazing project put together by the young generation.

The “Green Ocean Challenge” Ripple Effect

When anyone takes on an endeavor this big there are so many moving pieces. The good thing is now we are all moving the same direction toward awareness and change. We are so thankful to have such incredible people on board already and we look forward to only growing our team.


For this project, several major suppliers will be needed. Some of them might also want to take part in the project as well with both equipment and expertise. This is totally ok and we would be more than happy to give back commercial footage, videos, merchandising opportunities and more that are to be agreed. Some of the main suppliers as we see them is the following:

  1. a)  Vessel manufacturer. As this being the home and base for the project, this is the main supplier. In this arena, we are ready to start negotiating with a few manufacturers that we have located as capable of delivering what is needed, including re-building the vessel to fit with the electrical motor specifications.

  2. b)  Sail manufacturer. As we are to be sailing in nearly all types of weather as well as projecting film on the main sail, while at port. We need this to be thought thru in the best possible way. Also, a manufacturer that might take us further into the future. What about flexible solar panels sewn into the sail?

  3. c)  Energy storage. An essential and crucial part of the project, as this is to Solar panels

  4. d)  Wind and tow turbines

  5. e)  Lifesaving equipment

  6. f)  Communication equipment

  7. g)  Film and Photo production equipment

  8. h)  Giveaways – Green energy driven construction kits for kids.


When we have launched the project, we need several channels to publish our work, results, articles, photos and videos as well as places to distribute the latter once. The following channels and distributors have been carefully chosen:

a) The Green Ocean Challenge website/blog

  1. b)  Local, national and international renowned magazines where articles, findings and more can be published. c)YouTube/Vimeo

  2. c)  Instagram

  3. d)  Books and major articles are being handled and distributed thru the publishing

    house Raw Forlag.

  4. e)  The film production, educational films, documentaries and more are being produced

    and handled by the international rewarded fil company of Flimmer Film.

The final component to making The Green Ocean Challenge Work is the need for change and we believe the science speaks for itself. As you can see below, the entire world needs us to make this trip.


Global production of plastics is increasing every year (245 million metric tonnes in 2008) and the amount of plastic litter that is finding its way into the environment and into the oceans is also increasing, especially in the areas of the world where waste management practices are not keeping up with the rapid development.

There is however a lack of information on how much plastic debris finds its way to the oceans and how much of it there already is in the oceans. To identify the correct information, there is a huge need for measurement. We will measure this by using multiple “counting” measures with a live feed 24/7 both back to our team of scientists and to our website.

In recent years, the existence of micro-plastics and their potential impact has received increasing attention. This concerns particles smaller than 5 mm, and particles as small as 1 mm (0,001 mm) have been identified. There is increasing evidence that such particles can be ingested by marine organisms, with the potential for: physical disruption and abrasion; toxicity of chemicals in the plastic; and, toxicity of absorbed persistent, bio accumulating and toxic (PBT) substances. However, the available information is still scarce, experimental studies are few and far between and most of the ocean and coastal areas remains un-sampled.
Our vessel will have two units filtering and counting the micro plastic particles around the clock everywhere we sail.

The scientist team leader has previously worked with the NIVA (Norwegian Institute for Water Research), The Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center.

The Green Ocean Challenge needs pledging but above all it needs your attention and interest! If you love this product as much as we do then please take a moment to click on one of our social media buttons (Facebook, Twitter and YouTube at the bottom of the page). Help us spread the word and get things started!

If you are a local business, our facility is a blank canvas and we are looking for trusted sponsors to join our team. Anyone who is enthusiastic about change could be a great fit. Do not hesitate to reach out for more information.

$1.00 -- A Virtual Thank You

$2.00 -- GO GO GO!

$3.00 -- A Social Media Thank You + an Extra Gift

$3.00 -- Insider Club + Social Media Thank you

Join our update list and get an insiders track to free information and free resources you can download and may be asked to review surveys that enter you into prize drawing. You pick how you want to participate with “Green Ocean Challenge”. We will send you the emails of our progress and the links for the Free Stuff. You will be on our VIP email list for early notices when our film will be released.

We will post a personalized thank you on our Campaign Page. Thank you for being part of this

and helping move “Green Ocean Challenge” forward, we cannot do it without you! Join us

today and we will keep you posted on what you have helped us accomplish.

You don’t have time for perks but you want to see us take off. On behalf of “Green Ocean

Challenge” we thank you.

We will mention your generous donation on our social medial sites. Thank you for your

generous contribution! Without your help we couldn't do it. In addition to this social media

thank you, we will be sending you a thank you and photo to your email for immediate


$5.00 -- Greeting Card Thank You!

$5.00 -- Your Name on Our Vessel

5.00 -- You Believe

$20.00 15 Minute Skype

“Green Ocean Challenge

We will write you a hand written greeting card, thanking you for your kindness. Each card will

contain a mystery coupon ranging from 5-75% off!

We will carve your name amongst all the other supporters on one of the walls in our vessel that

will be dedicated to this campaign. This will symbolize a place you will hold in our hearts. We

cannot do it without you!

You don’t have time for perks but you want to see us take off because you believe in us and we

thank you for your anonymous donation. The entire

” team

appreciates your help.

This will be a one time 15-minute one on one session with us to brainstorm new ideas to help

us get closer to our goal and advance this trip to its full potential.

Need more time? Buy extras and add the minutes up. This is a great opportunity for you to

speak to us while we are on the trip.

Plus, get a thank you shout out on our website and campaign page!

$20.00 Backers T-Shirt + Social Media Thank You

Plus, a social media “thank you” from our Facebook page to you!

$60.00 – Join Our Google Hangout

This is the ultimate way to show you care about “Green Ocean Challenge.” We will send you a

T-shirt when the campaign is over for your kind donation, with our logo and every backers

name printed on the back.

See your name on the back of the shirt amongst the name of other people who believe in this,

just like you!

We will be holding live Google hangouts twice a week where we will review our progress and

talk about how we can grow the platform. That’s right you can learn more about our efforts

right from the team. Ask questions and get involved with this new idea.

We will even do walk through of the platform so you can learn more about it.

$600.00 – About Us

$200.00 - Be part our team for a week

Other Ways to Help

If you aren't able to make a monetary donation, but would like to contribute to the campaign mission, there are plenty of other ways to help!

Join Our Referral Program

For every purchase made on behalf of one of your referrals you can earn points towards getting your own Green Ocean Challenge gear.

Teach someone else about the need for change

At its core, this campaign is about helping people using this campaign. If you're able to teach someone else how this can help them - do it! You are contributing to this campaign by passing on the awareness.

Spread the word

You can contribute your popularity by telling your friends and family about this campaign. The success of this campaign is directly correlated with the number of people who view this page. If you can increase that number, you are making a tangible contribution to the mission.

A permanent thank you spot on our 'About Us' page on the website as a contributor, this can be

your name or company logo.

Help us make decisions and be part of our conversations for one week, great for someone

planning on influencing change.

Risks and Challenges:

We have taken the time to get nearly everything in place before launching this campaign. We took the risk up front by delaying the launch of this campaign until we believed it was ready, to lessen the risk to our backers. We have a great team in place so we don't predict many obstacles here. But there is always the unknown. But we will face every obstacle with the same tenacity and perseverance that we have from the start.

Our most obvious problem to conquer is the demographic, economic, social and cultural factors to be considered in this project.

Not only towards the places that is planned to be visited with all the differences that may occur in that sense, but also within the team itself. The team consists of 5 Norwegian children One group is based in the city of Bergen, the other live within the fjords. One of the things that these children have in common is their desire to save the planet and make sure the adult generation makes the changes necessary for the green energy revolution to become a reality.

There are many types of demographic factors to be considered along the route. This being major industrial countries to 3rd world countries, places that is barely visible above the sea level and placed with one of the highest

peaks on the face of the earth. Places with plenty of running water to places that purely relies on imported water and more.

The challenges are diverse but they all have a few things in common. They all need preserving the nature and climate of this planet to survive. They are all depending on that we work together if we are to reach this goal.

The economic factors are just as important to face, however with small adjustments this is a factor that the humanity easily can overcome due to using different technology in different places. The changes need to be made locally first, if they are to work. And the means needs to fit locally as well. No need to mount a hydroelectric turbine into a dried-out riverbed...

Thank You!

We feel so grateful to everyone who has taken the time to read out campaign and for those who contributed what they could to make a difference and helping us spread the word. We have spent the last few months working hard to bring our vision to life in this campaign and it was worth every minute thanks to all our generous supporters. Please know your efforts, even the smallest, don’t go unnoticed. We will continue to keep you posted on what your donation helped us achieve. You are part of our Green Ocean Challenge family.


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