Green Means Community Hub
Green Means Community Hub

The service that Green Means Community Hub would like to provide would be close to that of a Social Media. We want to provide and easy way of connecting and sharing information, but just in the specific range of sustainability, which turns out isn’t very specific. Sustainability is split into three main parts that overlap in a continuous cycle. Ecological, Social, and economical. Using these three compartments of sustainability we plan to create an international community that will educate and improve the lives, of everyday people, disregarding nationality and income.

We plan to make money through advertising, advanced memberships, commissions, and product we developed called Earth Totes. An Earth tote is basically an environmentalist starter kit. It will have a variety of products ranging from gardening tools and products, to books on personal finance, and even lists containing local volunteering opportunities. The possibilities are basically endless.

Our target customers would be environmentalist individuals and organizations who want to explore more possibilities within the realm of sustainability. We also want to outstretch to the everyday working person who thinks that “Going Green” isn’t worth the time and effort. We’re here to show that is not only worth the time and effort, but also can fun and rewarding.

The main reason we are interested in starting this business is because we firmly believe that sustainability needs to take hold in society. The way that a lot of things are moving world wide point to a growing need for businesses and organizations such as this one. Businesses to provide a testament in preserving the natural world. It’s very important to us and we want to help others with the same passion reach a goal of a non stigma, truly progressive sustainability movement. We want to help smooth the transition, because it is without a doubt going to happen.     

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