Green Game
Green Game

The climate change issue is one of the biggest challenges we have to deal with in the 21 century. We are in the middle of an environmental crisis and it is more important than ever to cultivate new recycling habits to protect the planet. The answer is clear:

Our Kids has to develop intuitive need to protect the Mother Earth.

We want them to be environmentally responsible while growing up. They have to be taught to recycle while they’re still young. But how?

Green|Game is the right tool, because it’s challenging, entertaining and most of all it’s fun. This is the key, Green|Game - Making Recycling Fun For The Kids.

Following the logic of most games, we will start with the easier levels, in other words, with places that are known to have the highest recycling rates. We will start with Europe. Countries such as England, Germany, Austria, Belgium, etc. that an average recycling rate of about 60% and more. With the development of the game, we will reach places where recycling is a serious problem and this is where the advanced game levels will come into play and with your support we will try to fix the issue.


The World map will be a cartoon representation of the globe. Players’ progress in Green Game (cleaning game zones from trash) will visually change the overall appearance of the Game World:



Players will traverse through the animated/cartoon versions of famous cities such as San Francisco, Paris, London & etc., collecting as much garbage as possible for a limited time.

Completing "game levels" by cleaning cities will visually change their appearance.


After a given number of "Collect Garbage" games, Players will have to separate the gathered garbage into the 3 Recycling bin types - Paper, Metal, Plastic, Glass and etc.

After completing "game achievements", for instance collecting 100kg of Plastic, "real world" info panels will pop-up informing the Player what the real positive environmental impact would be if he/she actually collects & disposes 100kg of Plastic.


Game objective:

The Game objective of "Water Cleaning" will be the same as Game 1 - players will navigate in each level by controlling a boat or another vessel for transport by water, gathering scattered trash & avoiding game obstacles for a limited time.

In the mobile version players can navigate through the World map the same way he/she navigates the IOS Photos:

  • "Stretch" with Two fingers in opposite direction for Zoom in or:
  • Double Tab on location to Zoom in that particular location.
  • Slide Left - to turn the Globe to the Left.
  • Slide Right - to turn the Globe to the Right.


Game Zones will be reprsented by different Countries on the World Map.

They will have different active states:

  • Locked - locked level zones (World countries) will be in neutral color, with Key Lock image on them
  • Unlocked - unlocked game zones will be color coded.

Players can select an Unlocked Zone by tapping on it.

  • Cleaned - cleaned game zones will represent Game levels that are complete with maximum 'game-points' collected.

They will be Green in color with "Tree" icon on them

We want you to be selfish. The same way the team of Green|Game is. Be selfish and do what is good for you. Not for a relative, not for a friend, not for the society. Do it just for you. However, we have a condition.

We want you to settle for nothing but the best for you! Not because we like you so much, because we know that this is the best for us too.

 How can we be both selfish and charitable? Green|Game gives a way to be both:

With its continuous development, the game will generate funds. The Green|Game team will distribute these funds to real initiatives that mirror the tasks performed during gameplay.

Who decides where the funds go?

You, of course!

We will present different topics to you. The number of followers will determine which issue we will be solving next. We expect you to actively participate in the process of raising topics to be discussed. Through your enthusiastic involvement, you will make Green|Game an even more effective tool in raising much-needed funds to fight the many different environmental issues facing the world today.

We truly believe that Kickstarter is a lot more than a crowdfunding platform. For us, Kickstarter is like a social network where you can gather up friends that share the same interests with us. This is why we are here, to set the clock, to answer the question.

Do people have the need for such game, such initiative?

We believe so.

Risks and challengesLearn about accountability on Kickstarter



The only risk that we could be facing is knowing about global pollution and not doing anything about it! 
That risk no longer exists because together with you we are creating Green|Game. We have a vision and a team that knows how to bring our innovative idea to life. What left is to gather a group of supporters. But we are not considering this as a risk but as a challenge. 
From this point forward, we will speak of challenges, not risks. 
The challenge is to present our idea in a way that would grab the attention of a large community of supporters. To be sincere and clear about our message to an extent that people can accept the objective of the game as their own. 
The real challenge is to be able to change the overall perception people have towards video games. 
First we need to start with the creators of these games. They need to realize that they are not in an isolated community. The anger and aggression which they promote through each game can reflect directly on them. 
Everyone responsible for creating these games and distributing them need to answer two questions: 
1. If money was not the motive, would I still be selling those games? 
2. What video game would I prefer my child to be playing? 
Next step is to change the perception of gamers. 
There is no reason to be delusional about the fact that games are powerful media and influence as much as any movie or TV show, probably even more. We don’t have to buy spear time from our children at the expense of their emotional state. 
The biggest challenge facing Green|Game is to set a new example. 
Example to follow!

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