GrateMate - Grill Grate Oiler
GrateMate - Grill Grate Oiler

Hello. I’m Steffani Adaska.
I’m a Chef, a mom, a serial entrepreneur and Founder of Adasko Enterprises LLC. Originally from Mendham, NJ, I now reside in the beautiful White Mountains in North Conway, NH. 


We all know that it’s important to oil your grill so your food does not stick to it.  But there’s a Problem! There’s no easy, clean, or safe way to oil your grill grates so your food doesn’t stick.

Current options available are old school, unsafe and MESSY:
Aerosol Can, shake it up, spray – BUT THIS IS DANGEROUS KIDS

Take a pair of kitchen tongs, take a wad of paper towel, dip in oil… BIG DRIPPY MESS.


I knew there had to be a solution.

I had an idea. An image of one of those soap dispensing scrubber sponges came to mind. Wouldn’t it be cool to create something like that, but that held oil for your grill?

 I was onto something...

 Introducing the GrateMate™ Grill Grate Oiler by yours truly.

I’ve created a revolutionary product allows you to safely, easily and neatly lubricate your grates. Say Goodbye to food sticking to your grill  and messy Flare-Ups and Exploding Aerosol Cans when you Oil Your Grill.


  • The GrateMate™  has a long handle that keeps your hand away from the heat source and acts as reservoir to hold your high-heat cooking oil.
  • It has heat-resistant silicone bristles that caress your grill grates while releasing small amounts of oil onto your hot grill.
  • The GrateMate™ won’t leak.
  • It is dishwasher safe.
  • It is BPA free.
  • And is made in New Hampshire, USA.
  • It even has a strong stainless steel loop at the end of the handle so you can conveniently hang it alongside your other BBQ accessories.


Contributions to this campaign will not only complete the production of the GrateMate™ made, but it will also support the economic development in the Mt. Washington Valley of NH by offering employment opportunities as our company grows.




  • Final Prototype

  • Costly steel molds

  • Marketing (e-commerce website, trade show exhibit)

  • Production & Distribution





  • Create top quality kitchen products & accessories

  • Promote “Patriotic Spending” by having products MADE in the USA vs. overseas

  • Create jobs in the greater Mt. Washington Valley, and beyond

  • Become a significant economic driver in the State of New Hampshire

  • Help recycle American dollars by promoting USA - MADE purchases



  • DRAW ATTENTION to the latest and greatest BBQ Accessory soon-to-be available

  • GAIN EXPOSURE by having you and others SHARE THIS INFORMATION with as many people possible via Social Media

  • FINANCIAL BACKING in exchange for some really cool stuff

  • Get The GrateMate™ on store shelves in time for prime BBQ/Grilling Season



So, we’re turning to our strongest supporters to ask for contributions. In exchange, we’re offering stellar incentives to those who support this campaign; first releases of The GrateMate™, the opportunity to among select few to field test the prototype and have final design input of The GrateMate™, a 4-Course Gourmet Dinner for you and 10 of your closest friends, prepared and served by Chef Steffani (and her staff) in the comfort of your own home, to name a few perks.

Your contributions will not only help get The GrateMate™on store shelves, but more importantly, it will help promote Patriotic Spending AND create jobs right here in our country. How cool would it be to be a part of that? You can look at it as if you’re pre-ordering the coolest product before it makes it onto store shelves.



Short on cash? You can still make an impact by sharing our story!!!


Can’t contribute financially? Don’t worry, we completely understand. You can be a HUGE Supporter just by sharing our story with your friends and networks via Facebook, Twitter, Email and any other Social Media sources.

Thanks so much for your support!


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