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Hedge Fund GRAFF goes on the market, pioneers in their field

This month, a unique hedge fund GRAFF opens its doors to customers, applying the technology of high diversification of the portfolio not only inside the instrument, but also in related industries. 

Diversification in the industries, with the necessary skills, strategies, technologies and own developments, as well as separately formed teams to work in different areas, allows you to achieve an effect in which a greater risk reduction will be accompanied by a smaller decrease in profitability compared to existing funds!

The work that our Fund carries out with its portfolio, allows you to earn even on the fall of the market. We are not part of a million funds that invest their money in indices and some exotic instrument in order to differ from competitors, and then firmly believe in a bright future. The uniqueness brings results:

 Beta tests of a startup already showed yield from 40 to 13, 000% on the basic tools that the average ratio amounted to 275% in 2017. At the moment, the Fund received a couple of hundred applications from investors and dozens of applications for cooperation with small and medium-sized businesses.

The principle of GRAFF is quite simple — the investor is registered on the company's website = > selects a wallet and a strategy that suits him more => enters the amount from 100 USD or BTC / ETH equivalent => the company invests the funds received with a weekly announcement of the results => after a month there is a possibility of withdrawal. Feature: developed by our portfolio even with the collapse of the financial markets will not leave their investors with no money.

But the most important thing is that the client does not have to PAY for security, while the rest of the investment companies deprive their clients of hundreds of percent only for a sense of security!


  • WhatsApp: +79147320014
  • Telegram: graff_08


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