GoZone IoT – Welcome to the Internet of Surf!
GoZone IoT – Welcome to the Internet of Surf!

GoZone helps water sports athletes to learn faster, be better and safer in the water.

Our patent-pending wind-clock technology combines with a dashboard and platform, to bring you a personal analytics tool that helps you get better and share your experiences with the world.

GoZone eases the learning curve for newcomers, and helps pros improve fast by giving you realtime data and analytics that allow you to track and study all the details of your route.




  1. REALTIME AUDIO HELP – BASED ON THE WIND-CLOCK.Get audio direction right from your wrist using the GoZone smart watch. GoZone reads the wind direction and instantly helps you choose the maneuver you need to make. No more “no-goes” – just listen to the audio directions, and change your positioning on the sea.

  2. LIVE VOCAL INSTRUCTIONS.GoZone’s smartwatch will give you vocal instructions for the route you’re on, but your Coach can also give you guidance that you’ll hear clearly from the GoZone smartwatch, and watch your track on the online platform in realtime.

  3. FEEL SAFE IN THE WATER.On the water, safety comes first! That’s why we designed the GoZone app with a panic-button function. At the first sign of trouble, your GoZone smartwatch will send automatic distress calls to the Coast Guard, a friend, your instructor or water partner, notifying them of your coordinates.




  1. REAL-TIME SESSION TRACKING. Track your whole performance in realtime, anytime, with a quick glance at your GoZone smart watch.

  2. SAVE AND REVIEW EACH SESSION. All the metrics of your daily ride are stored safely on GoZone’s online platform. Review your progress at any time, right there on the water via your GoZone watch, or later on after practice with a cold one in your hand!

  3. REAL-TIME DATA-GATHERING. The GoZone system tracks a wealth of data. Because you choose the parameters to gather, our system lets you review the stuff that’s important for you.




  1. SHARE ON SOCIAL. Go on – brag a little! Share your stats, your route, and any other Wow! info to all your friends. Instant uploads and tracking info make it easy to show the world all the great rides of the sport we love!

  2. JOIN THE ONLINE COMMUNITY. Make new online friends that share your passion. No matter if they’re beginners or pros, everyone loves to connect around a common joy. Whether it’s a hidden spot, a new set of gear, or great twist on the 180, the more we share, the more we can grow the sport!

  3. BE A BETTER COACH. Help your students boost their confidence quickly, and learn the basics faster! You can’t be on the board with them, but your voice (through the watch) can guide them – even through a rough patch. Plus, the GoZone platform and dashboard offers great tools to help you and your school track and keep records on each student’s performance.





Visit our website http://gozone.surf  to learn more

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