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Gorsline News Media

Hi there! I'm Jack Gorsline, a retired College Athlete looking to start a media company that fairly represents both sides of all topics, specifically within the realms of Sports AND Politics. It's an interesting combination no doubt, but I personally think it's a concept that could reinvigorate journalism and news media today. Do you turn on FoxNews, CNN, or MSNBC and gawk at how bias and slanted the newscasters and so-called analysts really are? Have you noticed all the yelling and ludicrous "Hot takes" being thrown around on ESPN, Fox Sports 1, and mainstream sports radio? Well Gorsline News Media aims to rectify the mistakes that put Mainstream News Media in this backwards state of affairs.

With no-nonsense, all sides present political reporting and analysis on one side of the operation; along with logical, stats and facts based sports hot takes on the other, Gorsline News Media aims to bring you two distinctly different sites that take the same approach to bringing you the news: LOGIC! A simplistic supposed fix to the Fake News crisis of the 21st century, I believe that a lack of emphasis on this factor has spun mainstream media into a ratings game and overall shouting match across all mediums.

Our kickstarter is designed to raise money for the operational side of the company. As a fledgling start up with a brand new staff and no key investors, we are looking to provide stipends to staff members as well as drive money thru GoogleAdWords, Facebook Boosting, Twitter for Business, and Instagram Tools for Business to organically grow a base for the website and podcasts that are in development. Ultimately, I hope that some of you will find this journey my friends and I are on inspiring, and help us achieve our goal of truly crafting a renewed approach to mainstream reporting and analysis across Sports and Politics (both nationally and internationally speaking)

I want to be clear about this middle of the line approach: for every Liberal take on the site, there will be a corresponding Conservative opinion. For every statistic used to back up a sports article's basis, there will be another to dispute it. I want to cover all the bases, every time content goes up on a respective site.

Thank you for taking the time to read this bio, and God Bless you all! #SportsTalkWithLogic #AllSidesPresentPolitics

Ps- Our current website for sports is www.gbottomline.com Our in-development political website is going to be www.BetweenTheAisles.com

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