GOMORA : Down Town
GOMORA : Down Town



GOMORA : Down Town – A Neo-noir Card Game of Survival and Deception


Gomora is a card game for 2-4 players. It can be played 1vs1, 2vs2 (co-op mode) or Free for all. The game is for ages 15+ and lasts 15-45 minutes.

You are a detective in the city of Gomora. You will take a path between good and evil in a corrupt city full of eccentric and controversial characters. Nothing can be taken for granted. Your goal is to try and solve a perplexing crime that implicates multiple powerful interests. Gomora's criminal underbelly is after you and you must solve this case before it ends your life.

How did you get here? What did you do and why are they after you? In the city of Gomora the rules are made by those who rule the streets and those who govern the masses are in their back pocket.

If you try to be nice, you will probably end up in a ditch or worse. If you draw too much attention to yourself, hitmen will be upon you door sooner or later. The only way forward is to lurk in the shadows, stay unseen and only strike in the last minute. Believe in what you feel rather than what you see because in Gomora, nothing is what it seems.

If you are a lover of noir mysteries then Gomora is definitely your game. You will love this atmospheric, dark and morally ambiguous environment.

1. Hours and hours of addictive, gameplay. You will hardly feel the need to play something else on the same evening.

2. Quick to learn. It takes less than 5 minutes for someone to get up to speed. Ideal for playing at a party or other social event.

3. No game will be the same. The endless alternative strategies make every playthrough different. Even if you pick the same character.

4. Immersive atmosphere. The game has a unique seedy atmosphere with wonderful photo realistic artwork from fine artist Yorgo Manis. Before you know it Gomora will draw you in it's dark alleys.

5. Competitive gameplay. Gomora is a fast, adrenaline stimulating race for survival.

When your turn starts you draw a card or you store cards under your case. Then you can move to a different location and trigger the events that take place in that location. The third step allows you to play cards. Alternatively you can rest during the third step so that your detective can recover from any wounds they have sustained. After you are done playing cards, make sure to keep only 4 cards in your hand and you turn is over.



As lovers of the noir aesthetic and mystery, we set as our goal to convey as much as possible the dark environment of Gomora. We hope that noir fans (and not only) will love the way this intriguing city stretches before them. We are excited to see the reaction of players.


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