Golden Ratio Records - record label launch 2014
Golden Ratio Records - record label launch 2014


The coolest record label you've ever seen. Let's keep independent music independent. Indie power!


Hi we're Richard Munns and Dominic French (also known as Dick and Dom)

We are addicted to independent music, and we believe in allowing our artists to keep creative freedom.

Yes, we are 'bout that life.


Our record label, Golden Ratio Records is about to launch. Launching acts is expensive, which is why most record labels are so controlling.

We get our label funding through stylish label merchandise, and are not just in this to make a buck.

We believe that aesthetically pleasing merch can fund beautiful sounds, which equals artistic freedom for our acts. It's a golden formula.

If you want to be part of the Golden Ratio Records movement, and keep independent music independent, then pledge dear ones!


We have already invested capital into researching and developing the label style, merchandise and brand identity. We've kept all standards high (like how we hold our noses to most mainstream records) and we'd love for you to be a part of our launch by purchasing whatever takes your fancy.





Your pledges will almost immediately be used to finalise albums for our upcoming acts (mixing, mastering and distribution), creating more label merchandise and updating our website to sell it, distribution of limited edition physical releases and anything left over will go towards our summer press showcase.


All bands on our roster are in varying stages of development and are not launching online until the music is mixed and mastered but let us know if you want to be kept up to date with upcoming projects and we'll add you to our mailer.

Risks and challenges

Our biggest challenge will be production methods for all the merch because we want to ensure it is of high quality but we have a reputable retailer on standby that produces merchandise for record labels and artists regularly. Targets achieved, we aim to get your goods to you by the end of Jan latest.

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