Gods and Monsters
Gods and Monsters

This project has already launched.


Gods and Monsters is a new offering from Altered Reality Games and distributed by Warlord Games. It will be launching soon on Kickstarter.

It is a miniature table top game where you take command of a new god with reality altering powers. You battle other gods by gathering followers, summoning monsters, and enacting miracles to buff your own forces, hurt your opponent or alter reality. 

Unlike normal Miniature table top games, our game involves a deckbuilding aspect, where you choose your forces and powers to be drawn during the game. Most of your forces will not start on the table but will be summoned during the game.



We will have a vast array of miniatures from devoted followers (28mm) all the way up the giant monsters like the one above. 

Your forces will be represented by cards in your deck.

As will miracles such as boons for your forces and reactions to your opponent.

We have 4 factions fully realized and 2 more in development. We hope you will help us bring our game to reality.




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