GoDesk Portable Workstation
GoDesk Portable Workstation

                      GoDesk Portable Workstation

                                Anytime, Anywhere.



Abilty to Strap-n-Go to Laptop

(3) Complete Working Surfaces

Customizable to be the GoDesk  for any task.






  • GoDesk Fits Full size 17" Laptop Models

  • Measuring less than 3/4"  inch thick when completely folded and tipping the scales at less that 2 pounds.
  • Fold-Out Panel Support System creates a full feature Desk. 17"x11" Center Desk, Mouse Pad, Dry Erase, Full size Clip Board
  • Center Panel: 16.5" x 11.5"  fits all standard Laptop Model
  • and is a great work space for Tablets, E-books, etc.
  • Right Panel: 5" x 7" Mouse Pad and 5" x7" Dry Erase Section with Pen Clip
  • Left Panel: Full Legal Size (8 1/2" x 11")  with Clip for Brochures,Contracts,Notepads, etc. and  Half Page Pocket  with Magnetic security.
  • The 5 layer design of each panel creates excellent insulation from heat.  Making the GoDesk a  quality product that is built to last and withstand everyday use. 
  • Each Panel  is well protected from abuse with Corner Protectors.


GOAL: $30,000

Our Goal is to use Crowdfunding Platforms to bring GoDesk from just an idea to a Complete Independent Business with manufacturing, inventory, e-commerce, processing, distribution, marketing, and Start up capitol all in place. Thanks to our Backers, and the Power of the World Wide Web for  keeping the American Dream Alive..




The original design was envisioned  from the Notebook Binder Design concept with an added panel support system to create a Portable Complete Work Center. Made from the best available materials to offer a reliable and appealing product.  

Working closely with the manufacturer over the last few months the Product Design has been revised several times with the collective goal that when Prototypes , Tooling and Fixtures  are made it  allow for a much more seamless production run once orders are placed. 


Project Launch : June 25 2014  

Campaign End : July 25th, 2014

Begin Production: July 30th, 2014

Begin Delivery to Project Backers Aug 30, 2014

Thank you so much for your time

The GoDesk Team

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