Go Fish Go
Go Fish Go


Here is the next big game app. That might sound a bit optimistic, but believe me, some of the great apps have been very simple games. In this case, I have designed a game to be simple to play yet challenging, a game that you can play while riding the bus , waiting for a doctors appointment, and who knows what else. "Flappy Bird" was such a game, and they don't come much easier to play than that. Go Fish Go is a game that will appeal to all ages and skills. Who doesn't like a cute little clown fish. Go Fish Go is a game that needs no directions. After a few seconds of playing you will figure out what it is all about.
The game, Go Fish Go, is a free game app that will be downloadable in the Apple Store and the Google Plus Store. The game will be playable on Apple devices and Android devices.

I am a game app developer with Subigames. I have two popular game websites, www.subigames.com and www.friv4gamers.com. I have been in the game business for several years and I have been designing websites for over 15 years. I also have an organization called the Wormhole Project that helps to promote the development of free game apps.


This game is a game that will be available all over the world and available to play on all mobile devices. I want to be sure that I can share this game experience with the entire world. The game itself is fully developed and ready to distribute. I need some funding to make this game available to everyone. So that is why I need your help. Your contributions will pay for licensing fees, software fees, outsourcing work like testing, and some promotion. If I can raise my goal of $3,500, I can make this all happen.


We have total needs of $3,500.
First I need to pay for fees related to licensing and software. In this case that will be $895.00
Then I will have some outsourcing costs, like for testing and evaluating. I have budgeted $1,200 for that.
Lastly I will spend about $1,400 to $1,500 to promote the game.


In return for your donation, you will get a perk that corresponds to the level of your donation. Because this is a free game, I can't afford to spend much money on perks, so I hope that the perks I have laid out, and the satisfaction of being part of this great game, will be sufficient to motivate you to donate.







The game, Go Fish Go is about a cute little Clown Fish that is swimming in the ocean, avoiding dangers, while trying to touch the starfish. Every time the clown fish touches a star fish he earns points. The starfish at the top (gold), are worth 100 points each, and the star fish at the bottom (green), are worth 500 points each. If the fish collides with a jellyfish, a crab, a lion fish or a piranha, the game resets and the score starts over. There are 3 levels of difficulty. When the fish reaches 3,000 points on a given level, the game advances to the next level. This can get pretty challenging.




Select a Level

Level A

Level B

Level C










I am reaching out to IndieGoGo for help in finding funding, so that I can share this great game with the public. With the funding, we will be able to make Go Fish Go available for free downloads all over the world.

If we are fortunate to raise extra money, we will use it to expand the game, translate it into more languages, and spend more money on promotion, and in that order.

 There is no risk in completing the project because the game has been totally developed and is ready for distribution. There is a small risk that I won't raise all of the money. In that event, I will go to the bank for a small loan to cover any shortfall.

There are other ways that a person can help to raise money for this game.
Tell all of your friends.
Pass the word on thru social media.

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