Glyffix - A visual puzzle language fun for all ages
Glyffix - A visual puzzle language fun for all ages

This project has already launched.

Since we have launched the playful visual language Glyffix, we have had the luxury of seeing the reactions of educators, parents and children alike translating glyf-based messages for the very first time.

It is always a rewarding experience.  I am always impressed and intrigued at how quickly some grasp the concept, and run with translation of complex messages, while others remain frustrated with an inability to decipher what comes so easily to others.

Almost everyone that gets exposed to Glyffix enjoys it. And why not?! Doesn't this look like more fun than the l-e-t-t-e-r images you are reading right now?

Were you able to decipher?  This is a simple message ... created by A.J. Funn, the author of the visual language, that translates to "I hope you enjoy playing with Glyffix Emily".  

If you dont quite see it ... perhaps it will help to watch the video that introduces our project a little more.  It is currently available at KickStarter under Get Smart With Glyffix.

With a little help, we believe we can bring Glyffix to the more children, households and classrooms ... all with intentions of making reading fun and engaging.  It is Reading Plus ... because first you need to apply some logic, deduction, spelling, phonetics, antonym & synonym word play, and more ... and only then can read the intended message.  

Through our use to date, we have seen the positive impact on children that have challenges learning to read, we have been told by seniors that this keeps their brain sharp and we have been told by adults that this challenges and frustrates them, but also enhances bedtime reading with their loved ones.

With proper funding, we will create more glyfs, books, apps & tools to support teachers, parents and children.


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