GLOX is all about Foot Happiness.

The idea came about one mildly chilly day in Hawaii when I wanted to wear a pair of nice, cozy socks.  But since I don't wear shoes (ever), I was quickly deterred from any form of sock-wearing.  "I WISH there was something I could wear with my slippers!" I thought to myself.  And that was the exact moment that the GLOX idea was born.

Pretty much everyone I pitched the idea to raised their eyebrows and said....well actually, no one knew what to say to this radical idea! But once the prototypes were made, EVERYONE wanted their own pair.  I even got myself hooked.  I really tried hard not to wear them (because I wanted to "save" them for the Kickstarter video) but I couldn't help myself! They were so much fun to wear! And I have to admit, my feet were loving all the attention.

So what's the design? After going through a number of different prototype ideas, our design team settled on one that had a simple and clean pattern.  The elastic that is in the upper band of a normal sock is also added into the area around the toes.  And to fit perfectly with slipper or flip-flop wearing, the area between the big toe and the second two is sewn together, keeping the Glox securly on your foot.

The designs consist of a few plain colored Glox as well as a few customized ones with varying patterns.  Being that our team is here in Hawaii, we have also included pairs that have native Hawaiian designs on them.  As far as the material is concerned, we plan to use a Bamboo mix because of its comfort and tempurature balance.

What started out as a fun and crazy idea turned into a really high-interest product that people are falling in love with.  I'm excited to share Glox with the world and hear about all the incredible things people will do in their Glox!

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