Glow Cleaning - Building the franchisable entertaining cleaning company
Glow Cleaning - Building the franchisable entertaining cleaning company

Hi. My name is Sharell Thompson, and I would like to introduce you to a new company that I just launched. And, I would love for you to help me position this company for immediate growth and success by entering your email above to get an "early invite" to support my funding campaign.

Click here to contribute to my initial launch campaign.

What is Glow Cleaning?

Glow Cleaning (Glow) is a startup cleaning service and entertainment company based in Los Angeles, CA, I founded in 2017. Glow is structured as a franchisable hybrid enterprise, uniquely combining elements of entertainment with exceptional cleaning services.  

Parties. Homes. Buildings. Events. Clubs.

Glow is offering a premium exotic and exceptional cleaning service to residential and business clients, clubs, parties and special events. My company provides well trained, friendly, attractive cleaners who work during the party, while the club is operating, during the event, and while the client (and everyone else) is at home or doing business.  My cleaning crew is trained to provide a “like new” look and smell to your cleaned items, and they feature clothes, body parts and tools that glow in the dark during cleaning that helps to create an entertaining environment for everyone present. My cleaning crew is an excellent fixture for parties and events, for house and building cleanings, and for night clubs.

Initially, Glow is providing entertaining cleaning services in Los Angeles County and Orange County, CA including Beverly Hills, Hollywood and surrounding areas. My company plans to expand to locations throughout the U.S. through the soon to be developed licensing program (estimated licensing program establishment is January 2018). Yes, for those of you who are interested in owning your own profitable business, Glow could be an excellent choice.

What are the Details?

Those of you who know me or have come in contact with me, are able to confirm that I believe in loving, elevating, helping, and enpowering people. Over the years, I've personally provided friendly and exceptional services to individuals, business and organizations over the years, in childcare, transporting, cooking, cleaning, entertaining or as a personal assistant.

I formed "Wings by Sharell" as an entity to organize myself and "clones" of myself into companies that provide exceptional, friendly, exotic, and entertaining services. Glow Cleaning is the first of those services. 

At Glow Cleaning, my cleaning crew specializes in providing exceptional cleaning results while being friendly and attractive. Friendly smile, friendly conversation, sexy and exotic dress (clothing to fit), and our signature: glowing in the dark!

Before                                                        After

Before                                                         After

Before                                               After

We clean and entertain at clubs, parties, and events in the presence of the crowd, or individuals at home or in the office.

How can you support me?

 You can help me establish and grow Glow Cleaning by:

  1. DONATE to help fund our funding campaign on Indigeggo to launch and grow Glow Cleaning: enter your email address in the "invite" tab at the top of this page and decide on your pledge amount. You will be rewarded for the funding amount you give. The campaign launch date will be announced shortly, and is scheduled to begin in of October 2017.
  2. Getting the word out: Tell your friends and acquaintances about the business launch and ask them to support our funding campaign. Share this link and share the campaign link when we make it available. Talk about Glow Cleaning in all of your social media accounts, e.g., Facebook, Instragram, Twitter, etc.
  3. Become a host committee member to help us with the planning and implementing of the crowdfunding campaign launch this month. Just send us a note stating you would like to be a committee member to:
  4. If you are interested in becoming an angel investor or owning a future licensed location, send us a note at:

You can support our launch and growth by donating during our funding campaign :

$10 - $25 - $50 - $100 - $250 - $500 - $1000 - $2500 - $5000

 Each donation level has a reward associated with it. We will be revealing those rewards prior to the beginning of the funding campaign with updates on this page (Please leave us your email address at the top of this page, clicking the "invite" button to receive updates that will be sent directly to you by email)

Please check back regularly for updates.

What are you funding?

 With adequate funding, the company will expand its number of clients, employees, and service offerings during the remainder of 2017, and begin adding licensed locations in 2018. Revenue will be earned primarily from six sales categories: home cleaning, buildings, clubs, parties, events, and licensing. 

We are seeking $15,000 in funding. This funding will allow Glow, over a 5-month period, to complete the following objectives to advance to the next stage of our business development:

  • Immediately restructure cleaning service offerings to add the entertainment “Glow” value    
  • Upgrade branded uniforms and supplies
  • Develop and implement Licensing Program
  • Website development and social media integration
  • Cover the additional costs of:
    • Labor/Administrative
    • Branding & Related
    • Additional Copyright/Trademark Fees and Attorney Fees
    • Marketing
    • Other Operating Expenses

With stretch goals of $25,000 adn $35,000, we will be able to train and hire more staff and cleaning crew members, and expand more rapidly.

Parties. Homes. Buildings. Events. Clubs. 

Glow Cleaning:  Exceptional cleaning by beautiful people creating an exotic atmosphere. A truly glowing service.

A Wings by Sharell company founded by Sharell Thompson.


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