Glass Photographs
Glass Photographs

We aspire to uplift and create positive feelings through Glass Photographs.  
The idea of a Glass Photograph in your home is to make you feel something, to shift something inside you.

When your eye meets a Glass Photograph, we hope that it reminds you of the moment that you took the original picture (not only the sight but the sounds, smells and feeling associated with it).  We want Glass Photographs to evoke emotion - even just for a moment.

Put simply;

We need: Funds to develop our online ordering website
We want: Your input/ideas for new website and product line

You get: You would be the first to get Glass Photographs!  

Choose from a variety of different perks to suit you.  You can upload your own digital photo file or choose from a gallery image that has been chosen in particular for this campaign.

After expenses, the funds go to developing the website.  With more funds and your input, we can create a more functional and user-friendly website.

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