Giving Homeless Children a Chance
Giving Homeless Children a Chance

In January 2014, 22,712 children under the age of 15 slept in homeless shelters.

Just in New York.

Nationally, the number is almost 2.6-million.

At the same time, the Banks have over 3.5-million foreclosed homes.

We are going to buy those homes and donate them to the Shelters so their clients with children can move in and restart their lives, and the children can go back to School.

There will be no cost to the families, the Shelters or anyone else.

The project will be funded by private donors. With their support, the project can rehouse as many children as the Shelters might hold.

These kids deserve a safe home and a far better future, and this is our chance to make sure they can reach it.

If you believe they should have the chance to start over, follow us on this page and Twitter and let’s change some lives…

Appleseed Humanity.

Twitter: @AppleseedHuman

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