Giving Hearts Jewelry
Giving Hearts Jewelry

Hello friends, family and internet strangers, 

My name is Gino Blando and I'm a jeweler. My father was a jeweler and so was his father before him. My two brothers are jewelers and I've taught my two cousins to be jewelers. My son will probably also be a jeweler (don't tell him I said that though, it's his decision to make). While career path in my family hasn't been all that original, the jewelry I design is.

I have a passion for designing and enjoy using my imagination. In my decades of experience working with clients, I've learned that love takes many forms. The great thing about jewelry is that it can also take on many forms. It can make a statement, or be a symbol of feeling, and even represent different expressions of love--which is why I designed the Giving Heart Jewelry® collection.

Men and women, young and old, from different races, religions, backgrounds and sexualities openly give their hearts to someone each day. The Giving Heart Jewelry® collection represents everyone from any walk of life. It offers us another way of expressing ourselves.

We are now ready to introduce this design to families and friends across America.

With help, I am looking to fulfill my passion for bringing Giving Heart Jewelry® to the market so that all individuals, whatever their story, can express their love and give their hearts.

I'm in the process of preparing my next moves including working on a marketing strategy, improving my photography skills, trying to get feedback on my product, and identifying and reaching out to distributors. 

Update August 2015: I found an excellent freelancer to help me get my line photographed and looking great! I'm also talking to a web developer about updating my website. Hopefully I'll have more news to come soon. Thanks for looking!

Update September 2015: The photographs are almost finished, and a web developer has been hired. More to come! 

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