Giving a Future
Giving a Future

I have been working in PPM for over 17 years now and know the business very well. As you have seen PPM sites host everything from doctor appointments to mechanics and psychics. I work in the psychic category, most of my co workers are older people that have been working in the field for many years. Right now I work on a branch of once back by Microsoft , briefly owned by AT&T and now privately owned. It is an LLC that charges the advisors more than 50% of their earnings for fees and commissions.  Even if the advisor brings the caller in themselves, they are still required to pay the site a commision. With all the money the professionals pay the company, you would think they would get basic living advantages, but they get nothing.

There is no health care, no 401k, no profit sharing, Keen host over 2000 advisors and there is no plans for these people to have a future. Their only hope is to just keep taking calls till they become so sick the authorities remove them from their homes and put them into alc. 

I am building an actual incorporated PPM site that will be able to offer group benefits to all the advisors that need it. My base operating cost will be 100k a year.  People (Americans) who would normally just survive and die will get the option to have a real life. 

I am licensed in the state of Florida as Miri One Inc  

I am only looking for the money to build the site in this request. 

My passion is over boiling on this, it is entertainment and the ultimate in reality entertainment with interaction and that is where I am going with it. 

It's not just me that will benefit from this, we all need your help.

This is something that will continue to give a future to people who need it long after I am gone. 

My opening date is September 10th 2017 on my 55th birthday. 

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