Givelify Mobile Charity App
Givelify Mobile Charity App

What Is Givelify?

Givelify is giving simplified.

Givelify is the only smartphone app that allows you to donate to the charity, church or cause of your choice in as few as three taps. The app is free to use and is the fastest and easiest way to give.

With just one account on your iPhone or Android device, you can safely and securely make your charitable donations. You get an immediate tax receipt, and your records are kept organized for tax time.

Givelify also intelligently pinpoints your location. If you’re attending a fundraising event, just open the app and it will automatically find that event so you can make your donation without having to search.

We call that little bit “Tap. Give. Done.” Catchy, right?

It can be difficult to give to charity. Text message codes from a TV commercial, donation vouchers you take home and forget about, separate account logins and passwords for charity websites … you get the idea. You don’t always have cash on hand, and who carries a checkbook anymore?

But what you do always have is your smartphone. If your iPhone or Android is good enough for all those embarrassing selfies at the club or managing your fantasy football team, it must be good enough to donate to charity.

The Story So Far

In our first 100 days of public beta testing we successfully processed over $100,000 in donations. We're now over $650,000. People are really taking to this thing, faster than we expected.

How Secure Is It?

We are a verified payment facilitator, just like PayPal and Square. That's how we keep our fees so low. 

Even better, we don't even touch the money that's being donated. It goes straight from your credit or debit card to the processor for the credit card companies. They take their fees out, and we only get our small percentage when the charity gets their donation.

What We Need

We released version 1 in December 2013 for churches. Now we’re at the final stage of development to bring Givelify to all nonprofits.

We need your help keeping the app free. Rather than charging organizations a monthly subscription or other recurring fees, Givelify takes 2.9% on the dollar and 30 cents per donation. 

Your donation to our campaign will allow us to complete development and roll-out of Givelify version 2. We will also be able to get the word out by marketing and promoting Givelify to non-profit organizations.

By our math (and some really smart people have worked on this) we need $100,000 to make all this possible. Most of our folks work other jobs and aren’t taking any pay for developing Givelify.

But some things do cost money, and we figure that amount can keep us afloat for a year. And of course we’d like to blow that out of the water, but we’re trying to be reasonable. Hint hint.

What You Get

With that in mind we’ve put together some great perks to encourage you to help. From personal thank-you notes and phone calls to t-shirts and iPhone cases we’re giving away some great schwag. 

We’re also throwing a rocking launch party this summer, and some of you will be able to attend.

Best of all we’re giving some funders the opportunity to make donations with zero fees to their favorite organizations. If you don’t need goodies, you’ll be able to help the charities near and dear to your heart even more when you donate to them.

We’ve also thrown in sponsorship credits in the app itself. That’s sort of like being immortal.

So help us help the world: fund Givelify so we can make the fastest and easiest way to donate freely available to everyone who needs it. 

How To Help

Back this project. Whether you’re a high roller and give in the thousands or someone who just wants to make the world a better place and has $10 to spare, every dollar counts. This is the final sprint of a marathon that began over two years ago and we need a little push.

Share this project. You can show everyone you know how helping fund Givelify has made the world a little better. Share and Like it on Facebook, follow us and share it on Twitter, share the video. Stand out in the street and yell about it. Write about it in sidewalk chalk. Whatever works for you works for us.

How It Works

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