What Is 'Give Voice'? ~

'Give Voice' is my 2nd record and a very special project for charity.  I want to provide support and inspiration for those struggling with a major life challenge.  The songs I've written are inspired by different people that have something to voice but can't for one reason or another; a mute and deaf boy in a wheel chair, an Afghanistan girl who committed suicide as a protest for her freedom and a 9-year old boy with Autism. My mission is to create music to make a positive difference in the world.  

With this project, I plan on connecting each song with a respective charity such as Autism Speaks, The American Foundation for Disabled Children and Suicide Awareness Voices of Education and donate all the record sales proceeds to them.  I look to be involved with and create benefit performances and events for these charities and have these songs represent their cause.  I will reach out as far as I can so this record can have the impact it is intended to have.  If you give to this project, you will be involved from the ground level with something very special.  You will help others feel a connection through the power of music where they can hear their struggle and emotional life resonating in a song. Together, we can make a difference and give back with give voice.

Who Is the Artist~

Hi everyone!  I’m Carla Bianco and music is something I've been doing my whole life. I was born in a small town outside of Pittsburgh to immigrant Italian parents who understandably feared the hardships that come with a musician's life.  I had to be a disciplined motivating force for myself and take great leaps of faith toward a dream. My first gig was at 4 years old singing at a neighbor's graduation party where guests filled a Styrofoam cup with money.  I ran all the way home and thought 'this is pretty cool. maybe I could do this for the rest of my life'.  After hearing the sound of a piano in a Tom and Jerry cartoon, I felt a calling to play the instrument.  I taught myself how to play with my brother's accordian book & started writing songs at age 10.   I moved to NYC at age 20 on a wing and a prayer & landed a publishing deal with Jellybean Benitez, Madonna’s producer after waiting outside his office for 3 days.  It started an intense journey of ups and downs that have led me to this point in my career and life.  This ranged from working with the best people in the music business one moment to not being able to pay my rent the next.  Leaving NY for LA because there were no jobs after 9/11  to writing a Billboard #1 song.  From starring on Broadway to coming home and giving back to my community by helping to start a performing arts center.  Realizing after everything I had been through, I had never written and released a record which was what I always wanted to do.  So in 2012, I self-released my first album, ‘All This Time’ and released the record in 2014 distributed by BFD/Sony Red.  The record has created quite the buzz in the indie music scene with numerous reviews in international entertainment blogs, shows opening for artists like Kenny Loggins and achieving many chart placements and recognitions.  

With my first record out there and a dream fulfilled, I got deeper into my spirituality and stronger in my beliefs of what I think really matters during this short time here on this planet. And it all came down to Love; giving Love, healing, spreading light to others in whatever way possible. I got more involved with different charities like Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Camp Southern Ground, Playing for Change Foundation, The American Lung Association and Toys for Tots performing and donating proceeds in an effort to help in any way I could.  I am inspired to continue my charitable efforts with you through the 'Give Voice' project.


What You Get ~


You will definitely get a bunch of great, unique perks!  Things like signed copies of pre-released CDs, T-shirts, autographed special RENT cast photos that no one else has, special songs and concerts written or performed just for you and your friends, a special invite to a private rehearsal, private coaching sessions with me at my studio, and credit in the CD liner notes, all the way up to ultimate VIP experience at the CD release show. But most of all, you will get the feeling of fulfillment that you have done something really good for someone who needs it.  And that is priceless.


What is Needed for the Project ~


$9,000 for recording, engineering, production, mixing and mastering

  • This includes compensation for amazing studio musicians

  • Renting studio space

  • Hiring a top notch recording engineer and producer

$1500 for manufacturing, duplication & distribution

$3500 for promotion

  • This is a very important element.  Once you get the record made, you want to be sure it gets out there so people hear it.  This will include anything from publicity, marketing, advertisements and charitable events to get the word out.

$1000 for making a professional music video for the 1st release from the EP


  • A strong visual element to the music will help spread the message!

The Impact ~
Your contribution is going to make all the difference!  With your generous contribution, Give Voice will finally become a reality and people across the world will be affected in an uplifting and positive way.  I think helping people means everything and is much needed in this life.  There are so many things at every turn of our existence that can bring us down.  I think it's the plight of being human.  We need to lift each other up so that we can all see the light at the end of the tunnel.  No matter how tough things get, I always come back to the same thing;   Love is the answer.   And in the words of The Beatles, 'All We Need is Love. Love is All We Need'.  By contributing to this project, you are spreading love & light to other human beings that may need it.  That is everything.  You can say you are creating good karma or doing what is right and good.  Whatever you call it,  it's a beautiful thing.  And it will spread far and wide.  
Risks & Challenges ~

I understand there is a chance we will not reach our goal.  If we don't raise all the money we need at this moment in time, I know we will find a way.  I may be an idealist but I have seen proof in my own life that all things are possible.  What I know is if you throw a rock in the water,  there will be a ripple.  This campaign and this project are the rock.  There will be ripples.  The bigger the rock, the bigger the ripple.  You can help make the rock a big one and the ripple effect monumental.   


Can't Contribute? ~

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