Girl Trip - Horror-Comedy in Post Production
Girl Trip - Horror-Comedy in Post Production

This project has already launched.

About this project

Girl Trip is a multi genre satire about the dark side of female friendships. It is a violent tongue in cheek commentary on the need for women to support one another instead of destroying each other, while also displaying the power that women do have when working together.

A few of my post team and I put together this one minute trailer for you.  We hope you enjoyed it and that it got you as excited as we are.  My editor, sound designer and colorist all donated their time and efforts to give you a little taste of what we all have to offer.  Local LA indie band; SWAIN, also donated the final song!  

Girl Trip is already shot and nearly picture lock.  My post team is all ready to go.  Now, I just need to pay them.  I am asking for your support with less than half of my entire post budget.  I will need $8500 when all is said and done, but rest assured, the $4000 I raise on kickstarter will allow me to complete Girl Trip before the year is up!  The remaining budget will be easy for me, if given time, but we need to finish Girl Trip ASAP for film festivals submissions if we want to be apart of 2017 film festivals.  We are so close and watching Girl Trip on the big screen in January is within arms reach.  I've been banging my head against the wall trying to figure out how to do this all by myself, but then I remembered that filmmaking is a collaborative medium, and I do need your support.  There are a lot of incredibly talented cast and crew members who are all aching for the films release.  Everybody who pored their hearts and time into the making of Girl Trip deserve to see it on the big screen.  With Girl Trip complete, I'll be able to take it from there.  It is my intentions to go the distance with Girl Trip ( just like I did with my 1st film WATCH HERE ), but even further, because it's just that kind of movie.  I'll hit whatever film festivals will have us and get Girl Trip as much exposer as humanly possible.  Girl trip has everything entertaining you could possibly want in a film.  Just when you think it's one thing, it surprises you and becomes another.  It's a horror, a comedy, and an action thriller.  Girl Trip is hilariously gory (there's a scalping!) and violent, but also a smart satire on women.  Girl Trip is an exciting ride and I am beyond proud of it.

Here is a chart where you can see the full post production budget, how much I still need to raise to complete the film, and where exactly your dollars will go.

Girl Trip's Post Production Budget
Girl Trip's Post Production Budget

Plot Outline: 

Childhood best friends, Naomi (Catherine Black) and Gretchen (Brooke Lenzi) are on one last road trip before Gretchen moves in with John (Rich Ceraulo), who is also Naomi’s ex.  Naomi feels betrayed and left behind, and Gretchen is annoyed with Naomi because she’s so morbid.  The girls stop for a beer as night falls in a shady town along the Sacramento Delta where they meet a failed hit man (Crispian Belfrage), a bartender (Suzanne Birrell) who doesn’t want to serve them, and two cute small town losers (Matthew Tully Brown, Micah Parker).  Naomi and Gretchen get separated and find themselves in their own horror films.  Eventually Naomi finds Gretchen and everyone learns the hard way never to get in the middle of a catfight, and where no man survives.  The girls make up and Gretchen’s life plan continues on schedule, but not before her betrayal catches up to her and Naomi finally gets her revenge.

Check out FULL Cast & Crew on IMDB

  • Directed by: Catherine Black 
  • Co-Written by: Catherine Black 
  • Co-Written by: Brooke Lenzi 
  • Cinematography by: Matthew Boyd 
  • Costume Designer: Kaitlin Weichsel 
  • Produced by: Catherine Black 
  • Executive Producers: David Black, Brooke Lenzi, We Make Movies 


Crispian Belfrage (Morgan, Rushlights), Suzanne Birrell, Catherine Black (American Psycho, Odyssey 5, Playing House), Matthew Tully Brown (Wait), Rich Ceraulo (Supergirl, The Walking Dead), Brooke Lenzi (Cuddle Party), Micah Parker (Vampire Diaries, The Flash), David Proffitt (Veep)

BIOS of Director & Post Production Team:


Catherine Black (AKA Cat Black)
Catherine Black (AKA Cat Black)

 Hey, I'm a Canadian actress, artist and filmmaker.  I've been acting since the 90's and painting since the 80's.  My multi award-winning ‘sexy and surreal’ short film De Puta Madre: A Love Story (2014),won best director (2015 London IFF), best lead actress (Madrid IFF 2014) and best cinematography (2014 Columbia Gorge IFF) along with 12 category award nominations.


Travis Flournoy
Travis Flournoy

 Travis Flournoy is a talented editor.  He's been editing documentary and reality television and film since 2004.  Travis also collaborates with jazz musicians to create live, improvised visual presentations along with the music. He's outrageously creative and I adore working with him.  Travis edited my debut film, De Puta Madre A Love Storywhich you can watch if you click the highlighted link.  Travis and I have a symbiotic creative working relationship.  He just gets it and I need to pay him for his services.  Travis has already worked his butt off, giving me truck loads of revisions, kindly accepting 48 pages of my notes, and we already have an incredible cut of the film that I can't wait to share with the World.

Sound Design and Score

As a multi genre film, the sound design, music and the use of score to drive the action, while defining and integrating the dark horror elements of the story alongside the comedy throughout, is crucial to the story and the film hitting its mark. We still need to create the score, final mix and a full audio recreation / sound design of the final scene with 4 actors.  It's a sound designers dream!  I am very excited about creating all the sound from scratch for the final scene of the movie!


Jason Stare
Jason Stare

 Jason Stare is my husband and my sound designer.  He's also a drummer, other peoples sound designer, production sound mixer, and a visual artist.  He graduated from S.A.E. Institute with a certificate in audio engineering, and the Maryland Institute College of Art (M.I.C.A.) with a Bachelor of fine Arts Degree.  The fusion of Jason's visual art and audio background gives Jason a leg up when working in film. He knows intuitively how to tell a story through sound by enhancing the visuals and understanding the cohesive relationship between picture and sound.  I love working with Jason because he adds so much passion to any project he works on.  Jason works primarily out of our home studio in Silver Lake, which means I can make him work on Girl Trip whenever I want for as long as I want.  However we still need to rent a space for a day to ensure the 5.1 surround mix is perfect for the big screen.


Ali Helnwein
Ali Helnwein

Ali Helnwein is an Emmy winning composer and has orchestrated Grammy winning projects.  He composed all the music for 13 "Touch of Evil" short films.  As an arranger/ orchestrator Ali did the strings on the title track to Florence & The Machine's No. 1, chart topping album "How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful" as well as Draco Rosa's Grammy Winning album.  In 2010 his “Rain” Violin Concerto was commissioned by Kat Von D and premiered in downtown LA’s historic Million Dollar Theater, conducted by David Campbell.  Ali founded the Traction Avenue Chamber Orchestra, which he has been successfully conducting since.  Aside from his own orchestra, he has worked with many other orchestras across the U.S. and around the World.


J. Van Auken is an award-winning, highly experienced filmmaker and colorist.

Risks and challenges

I am only asking to raise 1/2 of our post production budget on kickstarter. Raising the other 1/2 may or may not take me longer than expected, but I will do it. I always finish what I start. Although that may limit the quantity of film festival submissions initially, and the ability to amplify the gore with VFX, the money I raise on kickstarter will go directly to paying my main post team. This will complete the film right away. So, at the very least, we will have a finished film before the Holidays! Luckily, I don't believe in limitations, and I have a great support system of fellow filmmakers who believe in this project. With the combined resources of the Girl Trip post team, we know that we'll be able to bring the crazy World of Girl Trip to the screen.

Having already gone through pre production, production and well into post production, I know that Girl Trip has already faced the risks and challenges that any short film could ever face. It is now ready to be completed. The only missing piece of the puzzle is your support to set us on our way.

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