Gigstream - Support Local Musicians
Gigstream - Support Local Musicians


Gigstream is an open-ended solution to a specific problem in the live music ecosystem. The biggest challenge independent artists face is making a viable business out of doing what they love. It takes time and effort to gain an audience and stay organized. The music industry as it currently exists lacks a universal platform for solo musicians and bands, their supporters, and the hosting venues or event coordinators looking to hire their talent. Gigstream seeks to fill that void and seamlessly address all of these respective needs in unison.


  • Get paid based on viewership as you stream your gigs or jam sessions
  • Keep your fans aware of when, where, and how they can support you
  • Find and partner with other local musicians


  • Support your favorite artists and groups through the app just by enjoying their stream, or donate directly and earn rewards
  • Let them know you want to see them play in your city
  • Get involved and offer logistical support


  • See who's popular in your area to guarantee a good turnout
  • Search, sample, and book talent all on one platform
  • Give your business a boost by staying in touch with your local music scene


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