Ghosts of Hawaii (Under The Sea)
Ghosts of Hawaii (Under The Sea)

Look at the legends like Atlantis, Bermuda triangle and the titanic. These stories fascinate listeners and excite imagination. There is something mystical about being trapped underwater in a place that humanity barely understands. Maybe it takes us back to our origins or plays with our fear of the unknown, but we are planning on exploring the ghosts of Hawaii’s oceans and bring them to your living room. 

The goal is to explore wrecks around the islands of Oahu, Kauai, and the Big Island and create photo-book that will leave you haunted with the eerie images of the past.

We plan on photographing:

Lukemback shipwreck – Kauai

Corsair wreck – Oahu

D-18 Beechcraft  aircraft – Big Island

And many more, as locals we will take you off of the usual map of tourist spots and take you to lost worlds trapped underwater. Please become part of our project and witness the ghosts of Hawaii.

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