GHOST SHIP Card and Board Games
GHOST SHIP Card and Board Games

You and your fellow crew are on a ...unregistered cargo expediting run... when you stumble upon a seemingly dead ship floating in the cold black of space... a GHOST SHIP! Never being the kind of folk who look a gift horse ...or ship, rather... in the mouth, you board looking for free Lootz. That's when the human waste product impacts the mechanical atmosphere processor.
CHAOS ENSUES! Every sloping and curved corner of the strange and shadowy craft holds danger! Aliens! Xom-Bs! Bugs! Robots! Crime Lords! Sector Rangers! Robots! Undead crew! Ghosts! And did I mention the terrible Robots! Even your fellow friendly crewmembers have started looking longingly at your Lootz and are starting to act strangely indeed!
Will you start in a vac-suit, which will keep you alive if an EVA occurs, but might slow you down so much that it literally gets you killed? Will you be lucky enough ...or ruthless enough... to get off the Ghost Ship alive to count your Lootz? Or will you end up just another frozen corpse in the cold black of space?

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