Ghost Bike Documentary
Ghost Bike Documentary


 Ghost Bike is a heartwarming and inspirational documentary about the individuals who honor fallen cyclists with roadside memorials and the challenges families face with the tragic loss of a loved one.  


The documentary also serves as a testimony to the lives that are affected by the conflict between motorists and cyclists to safely share the road. We are documenting members of the cycling community who volunteer to install ghost bikes anonymously at the site where cyclists are killed. We also interviewed family members of loved ones lost in tragic cyclist related collisions, including the father of six year old boy, Anthony Martinez Jr., from Oxnard, CA who was struck and killed by his neighbor while on his bicycle Thanksgiving Day 2012.

Meet the filmmakers

Kat Jarvis grew up in Fairfax, VA. Her passion for film began after discovering the French New Wave films of the 60’s, especially Jean Luc Godard’s “Breathless”. She has an interest in experimental, cinéma vérité, and social documentary filmmaking. She collaborated with Danny Gamboa on “Ghost Bike: A Cyclist Was Killed Here,” "Tres: Pacific Wind Arts," and “Vote for Jenelle” on Jenelle Hutcherson, the first openly gay female to run for the Miss Long Beach 2011 Pageant. 

Danny Gamboa is a Mexican American filmmaker with a focus on the arts and social change documentaries. He with Kat Jarvis created “Ghost Bike: A Cyclist Was Killed Here” a short film about the people who honor fallen cyclist in the Southern California area with a Ghost Bikes. Danny started documenting Ghost Bikes in Southern California for his photography progect "Ghost Bikes." His photography can bee seen at  

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