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On average, 38 children die in hot cars each year from heat-related deaths after being trapped inside motor vehicles. Even the best of parents or caregivers can unknowingly leave a sleeping baby in a car; and the end result can be injury or even death.— Heatstroke Accidents |

Infant car deaths are on the rise and although this issue continues to plague the news, current phone apps solutions don't seem to be enough. Having viewed many of these apps promising to help remind us not to forget children in the car, they don't seem practical. Most operate off of a set schedule to alert you to take action or the apps are complicated to configure. 

GetMeOut2 is a simple app that requires no configuration to run. You download the app click start and never have to look at it again. It runs in the background consuming low power and monitoring your activity. It determines, when you are travelling in a vehicle and when you have stopped. When exiting your vehicle it reminds you with a voice alert, "Please check your vehicle" as well as vibration.  It offers, 2nd and 3rd line defenses. A text notification feature, and a temperature alert feature.

The text notification feature will send others a notice that you have reached your destination. They too can check with you to make sure you have not left anything behind.

The temperature alert feature goes off when temperatures rise in your car to warn you of possible danger.

GetMeOut2 has other features to help you remember and protect what's important to you. As the app continues to adapt to the growing need of saving lives, new versions become available. The best part of this app is that it is completely free, read more.

GetMeOut2 is only available for Android but Android only makes up a portion of the mobile market. Your funding will not only expand this tool to other devices such as iPhones and Windows Phones, but will also help to bring awareness to this life saving app, through social and media marketing campaigns. With further development and testing we can help make this GetMeOut2 a standard among phones.

With today's technology and with your support we should be able to virtually eliminate this growing heart-breaking issue and save lives!

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