Get much benefits from RFID Tags for clothing
Get much benefits from RFID Tags for clothing

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When it comes to RFID tags for clothing, what’s kind of RFID tags will come up to your mind? Washable tags or label tags? Let’s go to the details of the function and benefit of RFID Tags for clothing.


RFID Tags Clothing Woven and Label Tag (Tracking and Warehouse management)

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Those tags usually used for trace to the source, manage the subbranch and anti-fake. woven tags stitched on each cloth, paper tag just hang on it. Encode the UID number of each tag in the system and recording each process from factory to client, the rfid tag for clothingmanager can clearly know where clothes are now.



As everybody know that bring RFID tags for Clothing must require this tag can bring more value than it cost. Is the owner only want to know where clothes are? Obviously not, what they need is data collection.

How to make use of those data file? Let’s suppose you are owner of a great deal of subbranches in different place, you can see the data change of each shop at the first time with staying front of the computer, also you have an idea of people’s preference with different area, or checking which one is the hot cake, you must have the conception of a new design for the next year and made the arrangement of production of the hot cake, you will not be worry about out of stock.

Let’s see how about your competitors, the boss are anxious for news from each shop, but always Incomplete data due to the delay of any possible reason, thank goodness the boss got it, however product out of stock.

With the RFID Tag for clothing, you also can protect your brand from being counterfeited. in addition to this, the tag can promote your sales. Let’s imagine you go shopping and choose a cloth, when you try it on, the reader scan the tag, matched clothes and accessories with different models display on the screen, do you have buying inclination for the whole set? Finally, you buy more than you planned. But you satisfied shop owner’ desire.


RFID Tags for Clothing Washable Tagsrfid washing tags

Woven laundry tag, Silicone washing tag, PPS washable tag


Manage bed sheet and work clothes in hospital and hotel, supervise clothes to be washed on time.rfid silicone laundry tag

The tag usually recorded as:
Waiting for use: finished washing, waiting doctors and nurses come to borrow.
Waiting for washing: After they send back need washing.
Waiting for sending: EX-warehouse, should be washed.
Used: Used by whom on which date.
Lost: Cloth can not find.
Damaged: Cloth can not use any more.

Obvious benefits!

pps washing tags


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