Get Haunted! by Byron Fenris
Get Haunted! by Byron Fenris

Who is Byron Fenris?

Byron Fenris is a New England legend thanks to his role in creating the "Arkham Sound" of the late '60s with his regional top ten hit "Come to Arkham (Wear the Wind in Your Hair)". After the scene imploded following the disastrous Miskatonic Acid Test of 1969 Byron continued to record throughout ensuing decades, releasing psychedelic rock, hard rock, country and western, novelty songs, pop, new wave, glam rock, prog, folk rock and even disco singles and albums, albeit with little success. These recordings, now exceptionally rare, are prized by collectors for their literacy and macabre themes. Critics at the time called him "The Dark Bard of Arkham" and "Rock's Finest Ghoul". Byron currently resides in Maine where he is preparing material for a long-gestating comeback.

Some of Byron's LPs:

Of course, the previous paragraph is bogus. Byron Fenris doesn't exist, neither does Arkham, Massachusetts. The latter was the creation of legendary 30's horror author H.P. Lovecraft. The former is the creation of producer/songwriter Dark Lord Rob. The idea behind this campaign is to create a "Greatest Hits" album of sorts for Byron, featuring songs that represent a minor cavalcade of musical styles from decades past, all linked by a singular dark, zany wit.

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