Gentleman's Agreement
Gentleman's Agreement



Chivalry is dead. Long live Chivalry.

What happened to those days where upon choosing an agreed time and place you and your buddies would both meet without one of you cancelling last minute?

What happened to that screenplay you were always going to write together?

What happened to actually going through with that promise you made four years ago of going to the Brazilian World Cup this year?

The act of chivalry between mates is dead. Gentleman’s Agreement is here to kick all that in the balls.

Sick and tired of poor excuses and thoughts of ‘What if…’ 

The Gentleman's Agreement team want to help people honour agreements and do more with their time, we are fed up of reality TV, You Tube and Candy Crush sapping up peoples valuable time.

We want to give people a friendly, gentlemanly, chivalrous nudge to doing more interesting things with their friends, work colleagues and aquaintanices.

"Action without vision is only passing time, vision without action is merely day dreaming, but vision with action can change the world." 

- Nelson Mandela



The Notion

We are creating a service that holds you to the pacts you make, rejuvenating the idea of chivalry, revitalising the bonds of friendship and truly restoring the romantic notion of the Gentleman.

We’re here to sort The Horrible Pig Men from The Full Blown Gents.



What it does

Gentleman’s Agreement allows you to make your pacts official. 

No longer will you forget that thing or back out of that adventure.

Keep your end of the bargain and you will finally reach the high status of a Full Blown Gentleman or Lady – Bravo, Old Sport!

However, if you break your promise you will be scorned and knocked down the Ladder of Gentry until you eventually become a Horrible Pigman or Horrible Pigwoman – My, my, what a pity!

Use Gentleman’s Agreement to set targets, goals, events and activities you want to do with your friends.



How will this happen....... Mobile App and Website!! 

We are going to build a multi platform smartphone application and accompanying website for you all to start making agreements and sticking to them! We want you to get on the ladder to being a full blown gentleman or, if you're a bit useless, a horrible pig man, oink oink.

We think the build time will be around 6 weeks and we are doing all the graphic deisgn oursleves for free will just need some money to help out with development costs!

So, old chap, go on and be a sport, sign up above and we will let you know when we launch on Kick Starter!!


How to Use It

1.     Make a plan/Arrange a meeting /Create a pact/Have a target/Organise an activity with at least one pal or many of your chums.

2.     Enter the particulars into Gentleman’s Agreement. Details. Date. Who with.

3.     Agree or disagree to the proposal, and once you’ve waxed your seal of approval, you are now in a Gentleman’s Agreement with your trusted fellows.

4.     Follow through with the plan, or don’t. That’s up to you, Old Sport.

5.     You get points for sticking to the agreement. You lose them for ditching it.

6.     Build your rating up the Seven Steps of Gentry to the heights of a Full Blown Gentleman or slip down the Seven Treacherous Tunnels of Pigdom to the lows of a Horrible Pig Man.

So please old chap sign up and lets bring back some chivalry!


You need it, Old Sport.



·      I agree to cycling from London to Paris with Kev and Danny next year.

·      I agree to join the girls on a trip to the great USA. This time next year we will be flying over waters and spending our cash in Vegas.

·      I agree to go to the gym weekly with Bex in time for our summer holiday.

·      I agree to a lads night in next Friday at Peter’s house for pizza and beers.

·      I agree to train with Lucy for the 20k charity race next summer.

·           ·            I agree to attend the Russian World Cup in 2018 with my pal, Leon.







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