Production Expansion Production Expansion was started by Shara Rumbolt and Kevin Wells to fulfill the needs of geeks everywhere!  Shara owns her own business called “The Basketeer” which does custom gift baskets and homemade spa products such as soap, massage lotion, bath salts and such.  Kevin owns a retro video game store in Barrie called “Power Up Gaming”.  Together they combined their knowledge and was born!  

In less then two months we have grown our small little idea into a blooming business model with over 1000 followers on Facebook and a nice spike in initial product sales through our one retailer and our online website.  Our customers are demanding a more deverse product offering and we want to be able to provide that to them!

The issue we are facing now is that our production capacity has to be increased to keep up with the demand. Without actively marketing our products, we currently have 4 retail stores and two product wholesalers requesting to carry our products but we lack the production capacity to bring them on-board at this time.  The issue with stepping up production capacity is the cost of each inidividual mold.

The molds are made using silicone and we cast them using actual real-world products and toys.  This mold making process is costly and time consuming but a necessary component to being able to produce quality products.  Each mold costs approximately $20 to produce and typically we produce 10 molds per item.  Our product line will include over 50 different soaps for a total of 500 molds costing an estimated $10,000!

We need the help of crowdfunding ...

To be continued...

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