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It is said that life is like a game. We can easily define it as a puzzle. Since I was child I was very keen on puzzles and other games that stimulate thinking. Then I understood that it can be pretty profitable to combine the hobby with the job. So I came up with the idea of innovative puzzles, which can be targeted towards youngsters and adults as well, not just children. I have cooperated with «Geek Toys» - a company created in 2013 in the Republic of Moldova, Chisinau. We have developed the brand «Challenging Puzzle» which is a series of intelligent games for people of all ages and interests. The brand itself has gained experience of 2.5 years of production. 



 It is that kind of addictive game which won’t let you chill until you find the perfect solution. To be more specific, we provide you with 8 different packages of puzzle which contain the parts of 3 figures. The goal is to reconstruct the main image by assembling all the parts. First it seems to be a usual and easy game but you have to put in work the inventiveness, logic and willingness to reach a result. All the products vary, starting from the level of difficulty and finishing with the color of the package. Plus to this, there is also a bonus of riddles on every package. The best feature of this game is the fact that you can play it alone or with some friends, starting from family dinners and finishing with parties.

Geek Toys has already gained experience in the market of 8 countries. The following countries are: Germany, Romania, Belgium, Russia, Republic of Moldova, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Denmark














  •  An extra feature that you can take advantage of is the magnetic surface on the back of the package. It is very convenient to attach it on the fridge and it is very handy.

 Each puzzle consists of following equipment:

 1. Packing size 82 x 82 x 6 mm. The 8-color combinations; 

2. Description of the problem presented in three languages (Da, Rus, Eng) and the visual image of the final result; 

3. A plastic bag container for the puzzle pieces; 

4. Pieces of puzzle in an amount of 5-7 units, depending on the type of game;

5. Information about the manufacturer;

6. Material: wooden pieces of puzzle;



Our fundamental mission is to build an internationally recognized brand that creates and owns a portfolio of global intellectual puzzle games. We believe that Challenging Puzzle will support the customers’ development of personal skills and ambitions. We need your support in order to bring puzzles to a whole new level. The money we have pledged for will be necessary for the production of Challenging Puzzle. Additionally we are working on expanding our product line with a new version of puzzles which are going to be a surprise! Finally, living in the era of technology, our main goal is to develop a mobile application for the puzzles. It will require an investment of time and money, but with your help we are hoping to achieve the necessary pledges to put everything into action.


 We are grateful that you payed attention to our campaign and had the patience to scroll till the end of the campaign. We would appreciate if you would be part of the promotional process with a click on the Like and Share button on social media. People who have decided to pledge for our project will receive special recognition from the Geek Toys team. We are relying on your help! 







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