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This project has already launched.


Both games and comics have stories and characters. When loved by the audience the characters become superhero's. It is our goal to cooperate with developers and publishers and create great merchandise and wannehaves for a world-wide audience, hence: for you.


COOPERATION is the game!

With this campaign we seek more then just funding to help us reach our goals. We also want to find more game-developers and comics-publishers to cooperate with us worldwide.

We want our website to become a platform. Not for the big monsters in the industry like Marvel or 'Call of Duty' but for all of those great ones that find themselves right in the middle of the market.

In cooperation with our partners we develop the ready-to-print artwork at our graphic design studio using our extensive knowledge in printing. Our creative team will create the final products of which you will see the first items right here in this campaign.

So this defines already two goals of our campaign:

  1. Finding more cooperation partners in the games and comics industry, developing our website to a platform. ***

  2. Funding for the work that will be needed to extend the development of our site and content.

    *** We are also open to produce the 42cm display as a perk for other game-developers seeking funding here at Indiegogo or elswhere.


Our partners right now:

GAMES:  Ronimo Games
Ronimo Games is the developer of AWESOMENAUTS.

COMICS:  Sytse Algera / ComicWatch
ComicWatch is the publisher of LEMURIA, CELL, 24/7, AQUA INVICTA, DELTA FOUR and DE VRIES

The perks in this campaign have been created thanks to the cooperation of these partners.

Please support us and ORDER YOUR PERK RIGHT NOW!


Do you want YOUR GAME or YOUR COMIC to be available as merchandise at or
Be so kind to 1) support us by buying a perk and 2) let your favourite game- or comic developer know about us.


Our perks:

  • $ 10 - Thumbs-up for our project. You will receive a digital wallpaper as a thank-you note for supporting our project.

  • $ 20 - AWESOMENAUTS - Lonestar cutout 42cm - free shipping worldwide
    Incl. an easel for setting it up.

  • $ 20 - AWESOMENAUTS - Penny cutout 42cm - free shipping worldwide
    Incl. an easel for setting it up.

  • $ 20 - LEMURIA - Carp cutout 42cm - free shipping worldwide
    Incl. an easel for setting it up.

  • $ 20 - LEMURIA - Lynn cutout 42cm - free shipping worldwide
    Incl. an easel for setting it up.

  • $ 22,50 - PHONECASE with a Lemuria or AwesomeNauts print:

So where are we right now?!

Today is: July 31. 2016

We are not a startup company. Our company exists since 1992 and has his roots in advertising and printing. So we already earn our hamburger. Meaning: The support you will give us will be used to develop the project.

The concept of the GAME2ART and COMIC2ART website is a new project which we are REALLY very enthousiastic about.

The website is - at this moment - being built and our technicians are solving all the technical issues that run behind the scenes of our website/platform.

The productrange has been created and everything has been checked and tested, so there is no issue with producing perks or shipping them. This comes forward out of our daily business as is.

Partnerships within the games and comics industry have been realised with Ronimo Games and ComicWatch. With this content we will build our first productrange for the website. We are negotiating with other partners already and we are open for any other to come forward!

Productdesign is being done on a daily bases. The perks you see here are the first products (now) ready for production. Of course there will be much more items, but what that will be is our little secret right now.

.... for more (newer) information check the updates tab on this page.


The first goal:

Our first goal is set at $ 10.000
Reaching this goal would help us refine our shopdevelopment and extend to one more partner. Covering the costs of additional productdevelopment, more coding and some extra online marketing.

This being a world-wide platform for countless games and comics our stretchgoals can be endless. If well embraced this 'Thing' could be 'Huge' if many of you would kindly support it.

Stretching to $ 25.000

would help us to create more buzz, hiring marketing professionals and adding more content

Stretching to $ 50.000
would help us to take part at the next large games-fair and develop more products

Stretching to $ 100.000

would help us to create a new job, enlarging our team, giving us more power to service you

Stretching beyond $ 100.000
is at this point more then we could hope for but feel free to help us crack this as well.

We would like to create one very large platform for you to find whatever you need when it comes to merchandise of your favourite game or comic. Cracking this level would mean that we could even become more of a platform offering more interesting content and services.

The Impact
Will the world change if this gets funded? YES!

At this point there is no-one taking good care of all the games and comics merchandising issues in a way we would. No one is offering a platform to which gamesdevelopers and comicspublishers can connect to. The cooperation-principle we offer gives more possibilities to developers and publishers to go 'live' with nice merchandise. Developers and publishers are missing out on great opportunities and fans are missing out on merchandise they would love to order.

With and we offer a service to both parties. With our high-end service of developing and producing the merchandise-items as well as selling it to the end-user we create a platform that will fullfill.


It will be great fun! Please support us and ORDER YOUR PERK RIGHT NOW!

You will be safe: We produce our perks in small quantities, sometimes 1 per piece. So ordering a perk will be as safe as it possibly can be because we do not have to wait for any large quantities to amass.


Other Ways You Can Help

You feel us and you think we deserve a little help but you can't or won't spend the money? We appreciate the thought and YES we can use your help:

  • Share this campaign on your facebook

  • Share in on twitter

  • or just tell your friends about it

We appreciate all your support and we sincerely hope to find lot's of it!


...and a special thanks to you


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