Game 001
Game 001

This game will be created by legendary people US and YOU !!!

Infinity Cube Productions has teamed up with Hyun's Dojo to create a visually appealing and in depth campain. We need your help to not only to crowd fund us but to more importantly share your ideas! 

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What is your platform release? 

We are releasing our game on PC. We will place it on Humble Store , GOG and Steam. If the campaign does reach a certain amount we would love to export the game to the PS VITA. We feel like the PS VITA is the greatest device that integrates with the games core features and we would love to see a release on that platform in the futre. 


What are some features that makes this game take a stab at the industry?

  1. No DRM's
  2. No Microtransactions
  3. No Advertisements or pop-ups


Why did we choose to crowdfund?

Crowdfunding is awsome and its a community driven adventure! We love working with others and we want a passionate group of people listening to our ideas and contributing some of their own. 

How connected do you plan on being with community members or personal questions in general?

We plan on being online 23/7. Well save one hour for sleep haha. We want to respond to users as fast as possible and give them as much information as we can. 

What and where is the development taking place?

The development has already started and will continue untill the end of summer where our game will make its big release. If the game does not release by the end of this summer it could be pushed back towards 2014 christmas , the march break of 2015 or in the worst case scenario the end of 2015's summer. We are hoping to release as soon as possible to get the game into your hands but we will not release any broken or malfunctioning product.

What engine are you using for the creation of this game and what platforms will it be releasing on?

We are are creating this game in Unity and we will release it for PC, Mac and Linux!!! Depending on the amount of stretch goals we complete it could come to the amazing device called the VITA and possibly the PS4 and XBOX ONE.

Why is your funding goal so low?

For most studios and developers they ask for high amounts of money to sustain their personal lives such as food , water and other household expenses. We believe that the only thing you should be funding is the game , heck thats what you want right? All team members are self sufficiant which enables us to reduce costs to a minimal amount! Be advised as this could cause delays but will enable all funding to go directly toward the game itself.

Cocept Art Section

Any last words?

I hope we reach our funding goal and hopefully surpass it! I hope you like our project and our idea but if you have any changes or intrests you would prefer such as customizable skins or what not let us know and well try to develop it! Have a great day everyone!

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Extra Information , For the Detailed Lovers 

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