Galaxy Children
Galaxy Children

This project has already launched.

What are Galaxy Children?

Galaxy Children are an original species created by Pixel & Graphite's resident artist Sare Sai. They were born from her deep love of all things space and fantasy, and after successfully selling these creatures and their dragon evolutions as stickers, wall decals, bags, and keychains across multiple Arizona Conventions we've decided to launch a series of artbooks and accessories centered around their rich interstellar world.  

The Galaxy Children Generation I Artbook will features 12 Galaxy Children and their Galaxy Dragon evolutions along with detailed information on their world, origins, relationships, and illustrations from their lives. The book is full color, 8.25 inches square in size, and estimated 90 pages in length.

We are also aiming to fund Galaxy Children accesories such as clear acrylic charms, totebags, comic books, playmats, and more!

Please check out the Kickstarter for full list of backer rewards, stretch goals, and project information!

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