FUZEBOX: Turn your devices into a coding playground
FUZEBOX: Turn your devices into a coding playground

It’s never been so easy to learn – ‘Plug and Code’ on Windows PCs, Android & Mac devices.

The goal is to bring a compact, sensor laden, IoT centric product to the consumer and education markets with learning and teaching at forefront – and more importantly, to provide a gentle learning curve into computational thinking and programming and inspiring future generations.

In 2013 FUZE Technologies Ltd launched the FUZE for Raspberry Pi – a personal computer aimed at making teaching and learning to code as simple as possible. Now they are expanding the FUZE range by heading up a KickStarter campaign for the FUZEBOX.

The FUZEBOX will plug via USB into any Android, Raspberry Pi, Linux or Apple device and will interface with FUZE BASIC software, allowing you to transform any device into a real text-based programming environment, with full connectivity to the sensors and electronics on the FUZEBOX.

FUZEBOX Features:

:: Heat, humidity and pressure sensors allowing the FUZEBOX to respond to its environment

:: Infra-Red In/Out – Can be used to transform your FUZEBOX into a TV remote or perhaps a ‘tapeless’ tape measure.

:: Light – the FUZEBOX can become a contactless instrument, or even a proximity detecting security system.

:: Microphone – react to voice, create a sound based video game and more.

:: Camera – create your own baby monitor, bird watcher, or even use the FUZEBOX as part of your home surveillance system!

:: Gyrometer, Accelerometer, Magnetometer – Transform your FUZEBOX into a motion controller, create your own spirit level or tilting maze game.

:: GPS – Explore mapping, co-ordinates and navigational skills

:: 8 Programmable Buttons – for enhanced project controls

:: All of the above can be used to create serious applications but of course best of all is that they can be used to create awesome games too!


About FUZE Technologies:

 UK-based FUZE Technologies Ltd has its roots in home computers and programming. Our many years of experience in the computer industry and our passion for technology innovation and computer programming have positioned us perfectly to expand our business into Programmable Computers and Electronics.  The last 3 years has seen the development of the FUZE for Raspberry Pi computer, and the team travelling to schools across the country delivering coding workshops with the FUZE computers.


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