FUZE Interactive's new ZUBI Flyer makes learning to code fun and easy!
FUZE Interactive's new ZUBI Flyer makes learning to code fun and easy!


I’m a mom. I'm busy raising three precocious daughters. My chief life goal is to empower them to own their freedom and inspire them to follow their curiosity. I want my girls to know there is something beyond themselves. Whether it's traveling to MARS, curing cancer, or finding an innovative way to make the world a better place - I want them to have the confidence to jump in, roll up their sleeves and contribute. 

As my kids grow, so do their inquiring minds. They want to know about robots and coding and human cells! When I didn't have the answers anymore, I did what any modern mom would do - I Googled. I knew when it comes to children and learning; hands-on is always best. I searched for S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) products that would give my girls knowledge by satisfying their curiosity. My months-long search left me frustrated. The products I brought into my home were either so dumbed-down they were closer to condescending than educational, or so high-level they intimidated me. There was nothing in between. My girls needed an advanced educational product to teach them things I didn't know yet; it had to be something that made learning alongside them comfortable for me too. Most importantly, it needed to ignite their passion instead of squelching their excitement.

Lucky for me, my brother is an entrepreneur. He lives product design. He's a manufacturing guru. He even teaches business people about Startups! He's teaching me the tools I need while we bring my vision to life. Kyle is my Golden Goose.

Together we founded FUZE Interactive, a S.T.E.A.M. company that brings together REAL technology, and straight-forward, hands-on play. Our products teach kids (and their parents too!), high-level concepts in a way that is as simple as 1, 2, 3: Build, Hack, Play.




The ZUBI Flyer makes learning to code fun and easy!


Just follow three simple steps: Build. Hack. Play. BUILD

STUDY IT.  Learn how your Zubi Flyer works! Secure your PCB into the cap using 3 screws, snap the cap into place, and you are ready to hack!


UNLOCK IT.  Hack into different games and light sequences on your Zubi Flyer! Try it!  See if you can move through all the programs or code your own!


PLAY IT. Get your FUZE glasses ready! Once selected the program begins!


Check out some of the local love we have received! 



We have the best team!!

#MomLife means three girls and a husband. Marriage and family therapy and community advocate. Classically-trained pianist with a passion for #Arts and #EdTech. Tech entrepreneur and #MomBoss.

#Nomad serial entrepreneur. Heart of an #Explorer and #Dreamer. Adventure junkie, hardware nerd, and health fanatic. Passion for life, learning, and social change.

Pratt Film / NYU Tech gone Utah New Bee. #SCBWI author/illustrator, pro game designer, #EdTech, and #STEAM advocate. Suffers from movie life and robots - always robots.

Official #Trekker and tech-savvy grandfather. Has myoelectric and wireless neurotransmission IP in his quiver. Passion for education reform and technology advancement. #Maker, #Hacker, and #Coder.








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